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University of Idaho Student Media
SUB, Third Floor
Campus Box 44271 
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Phone: (208) 885-7825
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Student Media Board

The University of Idaho Student Media Board is the governing body for Student Media. The board meets on the second Tuesday of each month and is representative of the groups that fund The Argonaut, Blot, KUOI 89.3 FM, Student Media Advertising and The Photo Bureau. The board is in charge of hiring, managing the reserve budget and mitigates disputes as necessary.

The groups represented on the board are as follows:

• Undergraduate students (3 seats)
• Associated Students University of Idaho (1 seat)
• Graduate and Professional Student Association (1 seat)
• School of Journalism and Mass Media (1 seat)
• Student Bar Association (ex-officio)
• Community at-large (1 seat)
• Elisa Eiguren, The Argonaut (1/2 seat)
• Victoria Hart, Blot (1/2 seat)
• Janae Hakala, KUOI 89.3 FM (1/2 seat)
• Amrah Canul, Photo Bureau (1/2 seat)
• Abigail Skubitz, Student Media Advertising (1/2 seat)
• Shawn O'Neal, Student Media Manager (ex-officio)

The board is currently looking for volunteer board members for the 2012-13 school year. If you are an undergraduate, please contact Shawn O'Neal at 885-2220.