The Program of Excellence Award

The quality of student life at the University of Idaho is greatly enhanced by the co-curricular opportunities ASUI recognized student organizations provide each year. From cultural and spiritual events, to educational, social, or civic engagement initiatives, student-organized programs make an impact on the UI community in a variety of ways. In an effort to recognize and reward those ASUI recognized student organizations that provide quality programs/events to the campus community, the ASUI Activities Board and the ASUI Student Engagement Office established the Program of Excellence Award. Awarded annually to two ASUI recognized student organizations, this monetary award will be used by the recipients to further enhance student-programming efforts on the UI campus. Programs/events of all sizes and budget, held within the current academic year, are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Application procedure:
The intent of this award is to acknowledge the programming efforts of student organizations beyond events that local chapters of national organizations may be required to complete.

Two ASUI recognized student organizations will receive $250. Nominations will be accepted by faculty, staff, students, or organization members. Submit a letter (limit two pages) addressing the following:

  • Description of the program/event, date(s) held, location and number of students who participated in the program
  • The organization’s goal(s) for the program
  • The organization’s mission statement
  • The impact of the program on the campus community

Please attach up to four additional pages of pertinent or supporting background materials: newspaper articles, letters, citations, project descriptions, etc. Creativity, innovation, and originality in program idea and/or marketing/publicity strategies will also be taken into consideration.

Selection Committee:
ASUI Activities Board Chair or designee
Director of Student Engagement or designee
ASUI President or designee
ASUI Activities Board Advisor