Student Organization Advisor Award

Faculty advisors have been a part of students' extracurricular activities since the 1890s when the administration encouraged the development of student organizations in order to discourage young men from frequenting local saloons. Today, organization advisors still play a vital role in the lives of students. They give of themselves and their time to enhance the co-curricular experiences of our students. In recognition of the work that student organization advisors do above and beyond their professional responsibilities, the ASUI has created the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award.

Each nominee must be a University of Idaho faculty or staff member who serves as advisor to a recognized student organization. People who have student organization advising responsibilities as part of their employment duties are not eligible.

Application Procedure:
UI students, faculty, staff and administrators are eligible to nominate candidates for this award. Self-nominations will also be accepted.

Submit a letter (limit two pages) addressing the following:

  • Advisor’s level of contribution to organizational activities
  • Advisor’s level of contribution to students’ leadership development
  • Advisor’s impact on the organization, its members and the campus
  • Distinguished service to an organization, either one significant activity or a pattern of exemplary service over the year(s) advising student organization(s).

Selection Committee:
ASUI Activities Board Chair or designee
Director of Student Engagement or designee
Living Group representative
Off-campus student
UI administrator