The Organization of Service Award

This award is presented to an ASUI Recognized Student Organization (RSO) that has demonstrated exceptional motivation, innovation, and involvement in community service. This RSO is one that has provided outstanding service to the community without regard for group gain, while exhibiting commitment to the causes, concerns, events or needs at hand. This award is presented to a RSO in hopes that the organization's exceptional service may inspire and motivate others to participate in community service. The service must be performed without pay and have taken place in the Moscow/Pullman area.

Application procedure:
The intent of this award is to acknowledge service above and beyond philanthropic events that local chapters of national organizations may be required to complete. Nominations will be accepted from faculty, staff, students or members of the organizations.

Submit a letter (limit two pages) addressing the following:

  • Why the organization chose to serve
  • The organization’s commitment to the community and service for others
  • The impact of the organization’s volunteer service action on the community

Please attach up to four additional pages of pertinent or supporting background materials such as, but not limited to, newspaper articles, letters, citations, project descriptions.

Selection Committee:
Director of Student Engagement or designee
ASUI Activities Board Chair or designee
ASUI President or designee
Dean of Students or designee
ASUI Volunteer Programs Coordinator