George E. Dafoe Memorial Award

George Dafoe's leadership, dedication and integrity came at a critical juncture in student government and campus history. He continued to guide and inspire student leaders as an advisor until his untimely death in the summer of 1990 due to cancer. His unique personal qualities and capabilities were used to serve student interests and inspired this award.

The intent of this award is to acknowledge a deserving student who has served in the Associated Students of the University of Idaho (ASUI).

This award is available to all students involved with ASUI. The recipient must be a full-time, undergraduate student who has served in ASUI (student government).

Award guidelines:
The amount awarded each year, as a scholarship, shall be determined by the annual income generated by the endowment. As the endowment principal grows, more scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the selection committee. If more than one scholarship is awarded, each scholarship shall be of equal amount.

Application procedure:
Students may be nominated for the award by faculty, administrators, staff and other students or may nominate themselves.
The student must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must have at least one remaining semester at the University of Idaho
  • The recipient will have a demonstrated record of significant contribution to the services, programs and constituents of ASUI
  • Selection will be based solely on service to ASUI
  • Although no specific grade-point average is required, the recipient must be in good academic standing and must be deserving of a scholarship
  • Financial need will not be a consideration

Part of the application process includes a personal statement (limit two pages) addressing how you have demonstrated the following:

  1. What tangible impact has the nominee had within ASUI?
  2. Which programs has the nominee developed that benefited the student body and campus community?
  3. What tangible demonstrations of leadership, dedication and integrity has the nominee shown in the course of his or her leadership?

Selection committee:
ASUI Director of Academics
Nancy Dafoe: As long as she is willing and able to serve; when she can no longer serve, this position shall remain vacant.
ASUI Business Advisor or designee
Idaho Commons & Student Union Director or designee
Director of Student Engagement or designee