Outstanding Faculty Award

Any faculty member currently in a teaching position at the University of Idaho who has not received this award in the past two years is eligible. The intent of this award is to acknowledge outstanding service to undergraduate students above and beyond normal faculty obligations.

Application Procedure:
An undergraduate student, UI administrator, faculty or staff member may nominate faculty members, or they may nominate themselves. The criteria listed below should be addressed. Other criteria may be included, if pertinent to the nomination.

  • Student rapport (teaching/advising) including, but not limited to: positive and helpful attitude toward students. Clear, effective presentation of subject material, ability to stimulate interest in subject material and presentation of the latest developments in the field.
  • Please submit a resume or curriculum vita relevant to this award.

Selection Committee:
Faculty Council representative
One UI administrator
One Faculty member
Student representative
Living Group representative

The selection committee reviews each nominee using information obtained from faculty member's curriculum vita and submitted applications.