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Lunches with Leaders

Lunches with Leaders | Meet, Eat, Listen & Engage

This monthly lunch series provides an opportunity for students to meet with campus and community leaders in a small conversational setting.  Learn from our speakers’ stories and the journey they have taken to get where they are.

Join us one Wednesday a month at 12:30 pm in the Clearwater Room on the first floor of the Idaho Commons. Free lunch is provided.

Leotina HormelWednesday, November 19th (Aurora Room, Fourth Floor of the Idaho Commons)
Leontina Hormel; Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology 

I grew up in Ephrata, Washington. Many of Ephrata's residents are economically tied to farming and the Grand Coulee Dam. Growing up here, I became keenly aware of how rural people can oftentimes feel invisible politically and how their livelihoods can be integrally tied to government development projects, like the Grand Coulee Dam. The research I have pursued since becoming a sociologist has in one way or another always been influenced by my experiences growing up with folks in Ephrata. My research expertise includes the areas of political economy, international development, social and environmental inequalities. Being fluent in Russian language (obtained at Eastern Washington University), I have studied and researched in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Armenia and Karabagh. My current research brings me closer home to the state of Idaho. I am involved in interdisciplinary research that examines the socio-cultural impacts of local communities in Idaho youth's pursuits in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers.

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