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Lunches with Leaders

Lunches with Leaders | Meet, Eat, Listen & Engage

This monthly lunch series provides an opportunity for students to meet with campus and community leaders in a small conversational setting.  Learn from our speakers’ stories and the journey they have taken to get where they are.

Join us one Wednesday a month at 12:30 pm in the Clearwater Room on the first floor of the Idaho Commons. Free lunch is provided.

Wednesday, April 30th 
Dr. Jan Boll; Director of Environmental Science, Water Resources and Professional Science Masters Programs

Jan Boll University of IdahoDr. Boll specializations include teaching in the areas of environmental water quality, hydrology, irrigation and water management, and interdisciplinary methods in water resources. His research involves the eco-hydrology, looking at the processes that the landscape influences the quantity and quality of water available for drinking and the natural environment. Dr. Boll has research projects on water and pollutant transport such as nutrients, micro-organisms, and other chemicals. Field observations are combined with modeling using geographic information systems. His involvement with the Waters of the West program gives him the opportunity to work with other scientists and professionals on integrated water resources analysis of watersheds and river basins in the Pacific Northwest. Internationally, Dr. Boll has projects and collaborations in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Indonesia, The Netherlands, and Chile.