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University of Idaho students volunteering

STP-Serving the Palouse

Serving the Palouse

Serving the Palouse connects small groups of students with local service organizations, forging bonds that reach out from the U of I campus to the community.  Individual students may sign up for STP; transportation to sites is provided.  Serving the Palouse dates for Spring 2014 are:

Saturday, February 8:

Project: The Palouse Project
The Palouse Project is a non-profit performing arts endeavor comprised of dancers, vocalists, musicians, coaches, and teachers from around the Palouse.  The purpose of this project is to instruct, train, mentor, and develop the talents of performers, to provide an opportunity for them to gain experience, exposure, and recognition locally and nationally, to promote and help build awareness of the performing arts programs on the Palouse, and to support selected performing arts programs through donations from this project's net proceeds.  On February 8th volunteers are needed for ticket sales and general maintenance of the Palouse Project event (similar to an "America's Got Talent" episode).  Check out more about the Palouse Project and sign up to assist on Feb 8th!

Saturday, March 8:

Vandal Food Pantry

Saturday, April 26

Instead of participating in Serving the Palouse, we encourage you to sing up for Saturday of Service on April 26th.  Check out more information about this event on the Saturday of Service page.