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ASUI Center for Volunteerism and Social Action
Commons 301
875 Perimeter Dr. MS 2535
Moscow, ID 83844-2535 
Phone: (208) 885-9442
Fax: (208) 885-6944

Center for Volunteerism and Social Action

At the Volunteer Center we believe in...

1) Challenging injustices & advocating for change
2) Promoting growth and exploration through service

Mission: By promoting growth and exploration through service and social action, the University of Idaho Center for Volunteerism and Social Action encourages students to challenge injustices and create positive change.

 The Center for Volunteerism & Social Action (Volunteer Center for short) aims to  foster a lifelong commitment to service and build awareness of civic responsibility.
When we think "service," our approach is to do things "with" people not "for" people. By connecting Vandals with local, domestic, and worldwide communities through  hands-on learning, we want to assist in transformational experiences that educate and develop leaders capable of creating positive change for the common good.

Lofty goal? You bet! However we are determined to make some big changes - one person at a time, one experience at a time.

If we could just toot our own horn for a moment...The University of Idaho was named to the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for 2012. This list is compromised of colleges and universities throughout the United States which engage in solving community problems as well as promote lifelong commitments to civic engagement among their students.