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About Us

The Associated Students of University of Idaho (ASUI) is the student government at the University of Idaho.Our mission is to represent the interests of all enrolled students at the University of Idaho to the University of Idaho departments and administration, Board of Regents/State Board of Education and the State Legislature.

As an assembled student body our goal is to represent undergraduate students and allocate student fees for student organizations, departments and other programming on campus. Additionally, ASUI enriches the student experience by providing leadership opportunities and events. To achieve these goals, ASUI is divided into two branches, the Legislative and the Executive.

The Legislative Branch, also known as the ASUI Senate, is made up of student senators that the students elect each semester to represent their wants and needs. Senate is overseen by the Vice President Sarah Vetsmany and the President Pro Tempore Michael Ryan. Learn more about Senate or find a senator here.

The Executive Branch includes ASUI President Nate Fisher and the Vice President Sarah Vetsmany. Chief of Staff Pilar Alfaro oversees the rest of the Executive Branch, comprised of Directors and Student Boards serving specific interests of the student body. Learn more or find the right person to serve a cause here.

Want to learn more? Here is a presentation about ASUI, and anyone is welcome to come visit our office on the third floor of the Commons, above Einstein's Bagels in room 302. Also, feel free to email with any questions!