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Sport Clubs

How To Get Involved

What is a Sport Club?

A sport club is a group of students (also faculty and staff) organized voluntarily for the purpose of furthering their common interest in a sport through intercollegiate participation and competition. Participation in sport clubs is meant to be a learning experience for members through their involvement in fund-raising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting and scheduling, as well as the development of skills in their particular sport. Clubs participate in intercollegiate competition and conduct intraclub activities including practice, instruction, organization, social events and tournament play.

Who Can Join A Club?

Membership is limited to University of Idaho full or part-time students, staff or faculty only.  All students, staff and faculty wanting to join a sport club must have a valid University of Idaho identification card.

How to Join or Start A Club?

If you want to join an established club or  would like information on forming a new club, contact the Sport Club office at (208) 885-6381 or stop in the Campus Recreation Office located in the Student Recreation Center.

Is Experience Necessary?

Sport clubs fill the void between Intramural sports and varsity athletics. In most cases, a club team competes at a high, experienced level, similar to varsity sports.  Some clubs require previous experience due to the intense level of play, little or no time to learn the skills and many participants have years of youth league experience and/or high school varsity. However, many sports welcome walk-ons and prior experience has no distinct advantages. Give it a try!

How Much Does It Cost?

Clubs are partially funded through Campus Recreation although most every club charges membership dues to help supplement operational costs. The dues vary from sport to sport. Higher dues ($200 - $500) can be expected for clubs that require specialized equipment, off-campus facilities and lengthy travel.

What About Practices?

The number of practices vary widely for each club. Most clubs practice 2-3 times a week for about two hours per practice.  Clubs determine the number of practices a member must attend.  Contact the club president of the team you are interested in to find out specific practice information.

Do I Need My Own Gear or Uniform?

A general guide is if the equipment is personal, specialized, sized or fitted – skis, skates, baseball gloves, livestock, etc. – you will need your own. Typically, clubs will purchase jerseys/uniforms and minor equipment – balls, bags, etc. with club funds from the school. 

For More Information please contact the Sport Club Office (208) 885-6381 or stop in at the Campus Recreation Office and fill out an interest form.