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College Assistance Migrant Program

Physical Address:

865 W. 7th Street 
PHONE: (208) 885-5173
Fax: (208) 885-5170

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3030
Moscow, ID 83844-3030

How to Apply

  • Do I Qualify?

    The overall goal of UI-CAMP is to increase the enrollment and graduation rate of Migrant/Seasonal farm workers or children of such workers at institutions of higher education.

    To accomplish this goal, the University of Idaho seeks out potential participants, including those who may not be typical college-bound students. In order to qualify for UI-CAMP, Student applicants MUST be (1) U.S. Citizens or a Permanent Resident of the United States AND (2) meet one of the following conditions:

    -Themselves or whose immediate family have spent a minimum of 75 days in the production of agriculture, during the past 24 months in migrant/seasonal farmwork.

    -Participated in a Chapter 1 Migrant Education Program, or be eligible to participate in one.

    -Qualify for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) under section 167.

    In addition, must be admitted to the University of Idaho and demonstrate academic and financial need.

  • Applying for CAMP
    UI-CAMP visits high schools, in our target regions, during the fall and spring every year. In order to know when we will be in your area, speak with your guidance counselor, or call our office at 1-88-88-UIDAHO extension 5173 and inquire when we will visit your individual school.

    During our high school campus visits we provide applications to counselors and interested students, as well as provide valuable information about the UI-CAMP application process and important tests to take prior to admission into UI-CAMP.

    How to Apply:

    Fill out the CAMP Application Online »

    This online application will get the ball rolling, but there are a couple of forms (Signature/Consent, and Employer Verification) that you will need to print a hard copy of and then you can scan and upload, or mail or fax the forms to the CAMP office. The Confidential Recommendation form must be faxed or mailed by recommender.


    Mail of Fax a CAMP Application

    Print out this PDF of the CAMP application and then submit it by fax (208) 885-5170, mail or email:
    Mail to:
    875 Perimeter Drive 
    MS 3030
    Moscow, Idaho 83844-3030


    If a student does not have access to the web, they may call our office at (208) 885-5173 or toll free at 1-88-88-UIDAHO extension 5173 and request an application be sent directly to them.

    Please direct any further application questions to:
    Victor Canales, CAMP Recruitment Specialist
    Phone: (208) 885-5173
    Cell: (208) 310-2701
  • When should I Apply?
    UI-CAMP recommends that you apply to our program early in your senior year. 

     By applying before the February 15 deadline, students ensure that they are eligible for the maximum scholarship consideration at the University of Idaho.

    Applications should be mailed to: 
       UI CAMP
       875 Perimeter Drive MS 3030
       Moscow, Idaho 83844-3030


  • Helpful Application Tips
    Applying to UI CAMP early will always place your application in a good position to our program. You should plan on submitting your application to the CAMP office by the priority deadline of February 15th. If you can not meet the priority deadline, file as soon as you can.

    Applying to the University of Idaho should also be done early. The University of Idaho priority deadline is also February 15 of every year. Applying before this date will ensure that you are considered for all available scholarships at the University of Idaho.

    File your FAFSA early
    FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by filing this application, you may be eligible to recieve federal student aid to attend a university of your choice. The amounts vary from student to student, and the main determinant is family income. The priority deadline for FAFSA is February 15 of every year.

    Take your ACT or SAT
    The ACT and SAT are tests that you must take if you are considering to go to college or attend a University. Some universities require both, but some universities only require one exam. When applying you may want to inquire about which particular test is required for admissions. The University of Idaho will accept EITHER the ACT or SAT exam for the admissions application.

    Improve your GPA
    By far one of the single most important factors used in admissions is your grade point average. You should always be working to improve your GPA. Not only will you be an academically attractive prospective student to colleges and Universities, but you will make yourself eligible for many great scholarships. With the cost of education rising you must do what you can to help you pay for college. A good GPA can help you do that.
  • Forms


    Option 1: Online Application

    • Get the process started by filling out your application online. 
    • After you fill out the online application you will need to print out the Confidential Recommendation, Employer Verification and Signature Form for Consent
    • Print out the three forms, and when they are complete you can return them by scanning and and uploading the forms, by sending them in the mail, or by faxing them. 

    Option 2: CAMP Application 2015-2016

    • Instead of filling out the online application, you may print out the PDF, fill out the application and return it to the UI CAMP office. 

    Submitting Forms:

    • Once you have completed the three forms you may scan and submit them online.
    • Or you can fax the forms to (208) 885-5170
    • Or mail the forms to:
      UI CAMP
      875 Perimeter Drive MS 3030
      Moscow, Idaho 83844-3030