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Learning Disability and ADHD/ADD Services

Services for Students with Learning Disabilites, ADHD/ADD, Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Psychological Disabilities.

The University of Idaho is committed to providing not only access but excellent support services to students with disabilities. The Learning Disabilities Specialist is the primary staff member who works with students with disabilities that affect academic achievement, memory, concentration or cognition (for example: LD, ADD/ADHD, or Psychological Disabilities).

The Learning Disabilities Specialist offers academic coaching as well as help with learning strategies and basic academic skill development, personal planning and development, educational and career planning, support with transition issues and problem management, advocacy, and referral to campus and community resources. The Learning Disabilities Specialist can also help you figure out if you should be tested for a Learning Disability or ADD/ADHD.

The Learning Disabilities Specialist approves accommodations for students with disabilities that affect academic achievement, memory, concentration or cognition. To be approved for accommodations, students with these disabilities must submit documentation. Why? Accommodations are based upon functional limitations related to a disability. We need documentation on file that supports the need for accommodations.

Documentation will be evaluated by the Learning Disabilities Specialist before any accommodations are approved. Your documentation should arrive at the DSS office at least 2 days before your first visit, if you are planning on being approved for accommodations during that visit. If you would like to meet for other reasons, you do not have to have documentation.

In addition, TAAP provides additional academic support services offered through Student Support Services (SSS) and Tutoring and Learning Services (TLS) which many students with disabilities find helpful.

The TLS Learning Specialist offers in-depth help with learning strategies and basic academic skill development. TLS can help students develop reading and writing skills, as well as learn new approaches to memorizing, note-taking and test preparation. TLS also provides small group tutoring in many introductory courses, primarily in sciences, engineering and foreign languages.

Student Support Services provides 1-1 assistance with a professional academic counselor and individualized tutoring in one-two courses per semester. In addition, spring semester grant aid awards are available to eligible students who work actively with SSS their fall semester.