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Classroom Accessibility

The Registrar's office has developed new procedures for scheduling classrooms. In order to help you get your classroom access needs met, please complete the Classroom Access Form and return it to DSS. This serves to inform the Registrar's office that you are a student registered with DSS and you are entitled to classroom access. This form helps the Registar's office to determine the best possible classroom locations for each student and to minimize the moving of classes to new locations. Classrooms will be assigned after registration is completed.


  • Pick up the form at Disability Support Services (or download it HERE).
  • Meet with a member of the DSS staff to obtain approval and signature (Gloria or Angela).
  • Fill in the Necessary information for classroom access consideration.
  • DSS staff will fax the form to the Registrar's office and keep the original in your student file.
  • If you have any concerns, need more information, or would like to discuss this form, please contact: 

Gloria Jensen