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  • How do I gain access to the ATech computers?

    Contact DSS. Once approved, the Help Desk will update your account so that you can log onto any ATech computer using your UI Novell account. Your Vandal card will also be updated so that it can open any necessary cardlocks (some ATech computers are located in a secure room at the UI Library).

  • I've been trained to use different software than the software you show on your list. Am I required to use your software?

    Not necessarily. We're aware that there are different software packages, and that people with a training investment in a different package would be at a disadvantage using our systems. If you're familiar with a different package than the ones we offer, contact DSS as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

  • Will ATech provide me with a computer I can use at home?

    No. The ATech program is funded through a portion of the UI Student Technology Fund, which has an Idaho State Board-mandated focus for providing computers and software for on-campus students. Computers and software purchased through this program must be located on campus.

  • Does ATech support solutions for Macintosh or Linux computers?

    ATech currently supports solutions for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. We know there are software packages for other computer platforms, but our support is based on the needs of the UI student as it relates to the requirements of their instructors.

  • My class is held in a UI campus computer lab, but none of the classroom computers have the software I need.

    Contact DSS immediately.

  • I don't know how to use JAWS/Dragon/Kurzweil - where do I get training?
    Training in computer-aided tools is handled by a vocational specialist through the Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD). More information can be found at the CDHD website, or you can contact DSS for a referral.
  • The ATech computer I use is broken or malfunctioning - who do I call?
    Computer repair and maintenance is handled by ITS. If a computer needs service you can email If you can't use a computer you can call either DSS (885-7200) or the Help Desk (885-2725), and they can contact the technicians for you.
  • I have a tape recorder (or other device) on loan from DSS, and it isn't working. Should I contact ATech?
    ATech's main focus is on computer-assistive equipment. If the equipment is on loan from DSS, you should return it to DSS. More information can be on the Assistive Devices website.