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Formerly known as Juntura and AADA, the purpose of this committee is to review university policies and programs affecting under-represented and/or under-served students in consultation with various representatives from student services and programs; to recommend changes and additions in university policies and programs that enhance student academic success; and to promote the values of respect, understanding, and equality within a diverse university experience.

2013-2016 Committee Members

2013-2016 Committee Members
Representing Group Email
Radhika Sehgal
Faculty JoEllen Force
Faculty Rochelle Smith 
Staff Tasha Dev 
Staff Gloria Jensen
Staff Jacqueline Maximillian
Student (under-represented/served)(ASUI) Hunter Howell
Student (under-represented/served)(GPSA/SBA) Amrit Dahal
ASUI Director of Diversity Affairs (or designee) Samantha Hansen
Coord./Stud. Sup Serv (or designee) Raegan Iler
Dir/Multicult. Affairs (or designee) Leathia Botello
Dir/Women's Center (or designee) Lysa Salsbury
Dir. Diversity & Community(ex officio)(or designee) Carmen Suarez
Dir. Human Rights Access & Inclusion (or designee)  Carmen Suarez
Dir.  Interntl. Prog. (or designee) Ashley Ding
LGBTQA Coordinator (or designee) Julia Keleher
Human Resources Rep. (or designee) Elissa Keim
Dir. Native American Student Center 
or Tribal Liaison (or designee)
Sydel Samuels