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Ubuntu Chair
Radhika Sehgal


Spring humanitarian project

Millions of people around the world have no shoes. Americans have an abundance. In Spring 2013, Ubuntu partnered with Soles4Souls to launch "Can You Spare A Pair?"--a campus shoe drive to collect new and gently-used shoes to be distributed globally.

Soles4Souls, formed in 2004, has worked with campuses around the country and distributed 19 million pairs of shoes in over 127 countries, including the USA.

The Ubuntu drive on the UI campus yielded almost 1,000 pairs of shoes which were donated to needy individuals in different countries around the world through Soles4Souls.

What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is our guiding philosophy and emphasizes the interconnectedness of being human and living in interdependent communities. We place a high premium on dignity, compassion, humaneness and respect for humanity and each other --- every member of our University community.

Formerly known as Juntura and AADA, the Ubuntu committee (formed in Spring 2012) is dedicated to promoting the values of respect, understanding, and fairness within our diverse university experience. The committee focuses on the needs of students, staff, and faculty to enhance the experience of academic and work life with particular attention to under-represented groups on campus.

Our committee is made up of four faculty (one of whom serves as chair), two staff members (one from Staff Affairs), two students ( one of whom belongs to an under-represented and/or under-served student population) and the following representatives from across campus: the ASUI Director of Diversity Affairs, Coordinator of Student Support Services, the Director of Multicultural Affairs, the Director of the Women’s Center, a representative from Human Resources, the Director of Human Rights, Access and Inclusion, the Director of Diversity and Community, the Director of International Programs, the LGBTQA Coordinator, and the Director of the Native American Student Center or the Native American Tribal Liaison.

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