The UI believes it is important to foster an environment that encourages students to maintain a standard of responsibility and self-care (the ability to respond adequately to one’s emotional, physical, and educational needs). Some students who are distressed engage in behaviors that impact their self-welfare and the welfare of the university community. The presence of demonstrated suicidal intent or behavior is a predictor of eventual suicide. While we cannot predict with any degree of confidence which distressed students will eventually commit suicide, there are behaviors indicative of higher risk. These behaviors may require further assessment by appropriate professionals to ensure the safety of the student and other community members. The purpose of the assessment is to assure the student is connected with the appropriate services to afford the student the opportunity to improve his or her welfare and the welfare of the university community.

Given that suicidal students might not seek services voluntarily, they may need to be mandated to do so administratively. Therefore, students who exhibit these behaviors may be required to participate in mandatory assessment. If a UI student is unable to maintain a standard of responsibility and self-care, various resources on campus are available to assist the student to return to adaptive levels of functioning. Students who become suicidal may be compromised in their ability to ensure their own self-care. Therefore, University personnel on the UI campus can make a report to the SBAT using a Suicidal Behavior Report Form. Federal and state laws and professional ethical requirements of confidentiality limit reports from health and mental health professionals.