Links for Undergraduate Students

Study Abroad Program at UI
Expand your horizons by studying abroad.

GRE Registration
Go here to register for the GRE general and physics subject test. We encourage students to take the GRE physics subject test three semesters before graduating, and again if necessary, two semesters or one semester (stressful) before graduating.

Physics GRE Preparation
The best physics subject test preparation website we’ve found. All four GRE physics subject practice tests and their solutions are available (some solutions are listed with additional alternative solutions).

Free Physics Courses
A collection of free online physics courses. The course list will be updated yearly.

Physics Checklist
Things every physics major should know checklist. This is not a complete list, but is still very helpful for studying for the GRE physics subject test.

Find a Graduate School
A great website for finding a graduate school. Allows for radius searches, time to graduate, numbers on MS and PhD students, remedial tuition assistance, male/female ratios, MS and/or PhD granting Institutions, etc. Includes 297 physics PhD granting institutions of the roughly 3,000 US colleges listed.

Shop for Graduate Schools
Another website to help students find a graduate school. This site is maintained by the American Institute of Physics.

US News Rankings
US News college ranking. Similar rank results as Try copying and pasting the top 100 schools into an Excel spreadsheet. Then use the hyperlinked text to look at each school. In the spreadsheet you can add adjacent columns of interest with check marks (e.g., application fee, application deadline, physics sub-majors offered, specific course of interest, other notable courses, etc). This will help you weed out some of the colleges from those doing research and/or teaching classes close to your main interests.

Scientific Career Information
Information and statistics from the Bureau of Labor. Learn more about physicists and astronomers in the workforce.