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Physics Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in physics is a wonderful stepping-stone to a wide variety of well-paying, interesting and intellectually satisfying careers in high-tech industries, research, and teaching.

Because of their extensive computer and technological background, physics majors have many possible careers open to them. Graduates from our program have gone on to and are prepared for careers in the semiconductor industry, medical physics and as researchers or faculty at some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate programs and research labs.

Some of the areas of graduate study for which physics is great preparation are materials science, electrical engineering, applied physics and, of course, physics. Typically our students who have gone on to graduate study are awarded tuition waivers and stipends to work as teaching and research assistants at their new physics departments.

Recent reports on the employment of undergraduate majors with a science degree show that physics majors have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

Research Opportunities & Career Information for Physics Majors and Grad Students

University of Idaho Physics Department

Many professors will be glad to have extra help during the school year or during the summer. If it is during the summer, you just might get paid for it or at least get research credit on your transcript. To find out more ask the professors.

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Work for a summer in a physics lab and get paid for it!

U-Idaho Career/Internship Services

WSU's Physics Career Page

Career Options Overviews

Society of Physics Students

Jobs/Internships at National Labs

American Institute of Physics

American Physical Society

American Association of Physics Teachers

Industrial Job/Internship Information

American Association of Physicists in Medicine

Other Job Search Sites

Government Jobs:

Physics: One of the best Master’s degrees for jobs

from Forbes Magazine

“By our count, physics follows close behind as the No. 2 best advanced degree for jobs. Employment opportunities for physics degree-holders are expected to expand about 22% between 2010 and 2020—making it the seventh fastest growing degree.” More

Physics Career Options

  • Professor
    • Research University 
    • Four-Year College 
    • Community College 
  • H.S. Physics/ Science Teacher
  • Medical Physicist 
  • Researcher at a National Lab
  • Researcher in Industry (GE, Lucent, Dupont)
  • Geo-Physicist 
  • Bio-Physicist 
  • Engineering (these do not necessarily need an engineering degree)
    • Semiconductor Device Fabrication 
    • Failure analysis 
  • Graduate school options (besides physics) 
    • Materials Science 
    • Remote Imaging/Natural Science 
    • Electrical Engineering 
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Law (B.S. in physics + law school) 
  • Business (B.S. in physics + M.B.A.) 
  • Government 
    • Safety Regulation 
    • Advisory Boards 
  • Some Physics Specializations 
    • Renewable Energy (e.g. solar) 
    • Nuclear Power 
    • Condensed matter (e.g. computer chips) 
    • Medical Imaging