McNair Program

U-Idaho McNair Achievement Program
College of Graduate Studies
Morrill Hall 207
PO Box 443017
Moscow, ID 83844-3017
Phone: 208-885-6753


Faculty Mentors play a key role in the success of both McNair Scholars and the McNair Program itself.  Mentors engage Scholars in conducting undergraduate research from the proposal stage to production of a research paper.  The Scholar also has the opportunity to present at national or regional conferences and/or professional meetings.  The skills they learn will aid admission to graduate programs and ultimately to be successful in graduate school.

Faculty Mentors can be instrumental in guiding the Scholar through the process of selecting a graduate program.  They may also provide support in the form of letters of recommendation, advice on personal statements, and perhaps preparing papers to be submitted as part of the application process.  We hope the mentoring relationships established between Scholars and Mentors will flourish throughout the Scholars' undergraduate career and beyond.

Time Commitment and Expectations of Faculty Mentors
  • Meet with the Program Director for an individual Mentor Orientation during Spring semester.
  • Assist the Scholar during the Spring semester to develop a proposal for the summer research project.  This includes meeting with the Scholar at least six times.
  • Be present during Scholar's research proposal presentation (held at the end of April or early May during regular class time).
  • Be on campus and available during the 10 week summer session (end of May - early August) to assist the Scholar with the research project.  Please plan to meet with the Scholar at least twice per week.
  • Provide the necessary support and guidance leading to the completion of the Scholar's project.
  • Meet with the Scholar on a regular basis during the school year to be an ongoing influence throughout their undergraduate career.
  • Inform the McNair Staff of the resources necessary to complete the research project.
  • Inform the McNair Staff of any academic or project related problems.
  • Be available to assist the Scholar in getting research ready for presentation at a professional conference.

As Mentors, Faculty join a select group of over 6,000 Scholars and Faculty in 200 McNair programs across the nation.  This network has provided opportunities for thousands of undergraduates to take the steps necessary to earn Ph.D.'s in a wide variety of disciplines since 1989.

UI has contributed to this movement since 2003 by producing our own McNair Scholars, thus increasing the number of first generation, low-income, and underrepresented students in graduate study.