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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the University of Idaho’s College of Education … let me extend you a hearty congratulations on selecting the College of Education with the highest retention and placement rates in the state of Idaho. By being a part of the land grant institution in Idaho, you have found many opportunities that other Idaho colleges and universities lack, including a wonderful chance to be a part of research projects as an undergraduate student. Our first goal is to help you become a caring educator or health professional. Our entire faculty consider education of the whole person to be vitally important to our lives and those of future generations. Committing to a high-quality, caring education for every learner is vital. But we go beyond this challenge to reach out to many adults and professionals who come to us for lifelong learning and professional development opportunities here in the college.

Our college is organized around three departments offering research-based degree programs. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepares new teachers and provides professional development and advanced degrees for in-service educators in a wide variety of content areas. The Department of Leadership and Counseling prepares principals, superintendents, educational leaders, human resource professionals, adult educators, trainers, higher education professionals and rehabilitation/community counselors. The Department of Movement Sciences provides degrees in athletic training, recreation, dance, physical education and exercise science and health. It’s an amazingly diverse array of offerings and a very broad based college. We have faculty members and programs in Moscow, Coeur d’Alene and Boise, and offer many courses and programs online.

Our faculty represent a highly productive set of experts who are internationally recognized as scholars in their field. They not only contribute to their disciplinary areas, but also care deeply about all learners’ educational experiences, yours, your future students or clients, and even one another. In the College of Education at the University of Idaho, we foster a strong sense of intellectual community among our faculty, staff, and students. We are fortunate to have so many programs that meet students’ needs and also to be able to know each of our students, personally. Additionally, our faculty members reach out to the broader community consistently and in true partnership. Across all of our activities from teaching to research to outreach and service, we always keep in the forefront of our mind that we represent models of caring ourselves.

We have several sources of pride that are worthy of you knowing about. First, we rank third across all colleges at the University of Idaho for grant funding, furthering opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to participate in funded research. This is a remarkable achievement for a faculty of education. Second, we have very strong placement rates. Compared to other universities in the state, and even across the university, College of Education students are highly sought after and have many opportunities for internships, field placements and strong job futures. Third, our retention rates are among the highest in the state of Idaho and among the highest across the University of Idaho. This means that when you seek out a degree in our college, we are here to help you achieve your goal. Finally, we are so very proud of our highly skilled alumni who contribute daily to healthy living and high-quality education across the world. As you join our Vandal family, rest assured you have chosen wisely. Our alumni create a network of loyal health professionals and educators, administrators and leaders all of whom are looking out for future University of Idaho graduates to mentor.

Please come to visit us, provide us with feedback and find out how you can become involved in changing the lives of future generations. Together, we can make a difference.

Ali Carr-Chellman, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education
University of Idaho

Dean Ali Carr-Chellman
Dean Alison Carr-Chellman


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