McNair Program

U-Idaho McNair Achievement Program
College of Graduate Studies
Morrill Hall 207
PO Box 443017
Moscow, ID 83844-3017
Phone: 208-885-6753

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I want to go to graduate school but don't know if I want to do a Ph.D.?
Answer: That's okay. McNair prepares you for both.

Question: What if I don't want to go directly to graduate school after my bachelor's degree, can I still participate?
Answer: Definitely! Sometimes you just need a break from school and you might be more successful in graduate school if you wait.

Question: I'm not a science major, but I'm interested in going further in my major, can I still be a McNair Scholar?
Answer: Of course! McNair isn't just for science majors. We take all majors, you just have to be interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

Question: What if I'm interested in law school or medical school? Will McNair help me with that?
Answer: Because McNair is a federally funded program, our focus needs to be on students who are interested in research-related degrees. Law and Medical programs are professional programs and we don't provide any preparation for those programs. You can contact the UI Law School or the WWAMI program for more information on preparation.

Question: I'm a transfer student and I don't know many faculty members at UI, what can I do?
Answer: If you have faculty members who know your academic abilities from other colleges, you can have them write the letters.

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Summer Research

The key component of the McNair Program is the Summer Research Internship.

Learn About Research Internships

The undergraduate research experience is considered an effective educational tool for enhancing many aspects of the student experience.