McNair Program

U-Idaho McNair Achievement Program
College of Graduate Studies
Morrill Hall 207
PO Box 443017
Moscow, ID 83844-3017
Phone: 208-885-6753


The UI McNair Program is no longer accepting applications.

All questions should be addressed to mcnair@uidaho.edu.

Want to know why you should consider applying for McNair?  Read advice from previous McNair Scholars.

"The confidence the McNair program instilled within me has been a huge gift in navigating graduate school and conducting research in my field,” Dustin Fleener, UI Graduate student in Anthropology.

“Go for it! If you have drive, dedication, and are looking for guidance about research and grad school (as well as your current degree), McNair is the perfect program for you!” Rosie Kringel, Senior in Materials Science.

“I would say that if a student has the opportunity to join the McNair Program then they should definitely do it! There are so many valuable things that McNair students can take advantage of—assistance with the graduate application, access to others who know the process, the chance to attend conferences, and research experience. Students will also realize that different types of students face different hurdles in college and that when a student does complete the program and go on, they also have the ability and interest to mentor other students, especially in the McNair Program. With the research project, students will also gain another contact with the faculty mentor overseeing the project. They are a great resource about graduate school and research in your interested field.”  Kaila Akina, Senior in Anthropology.

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Summer Research

The key component of the McNair Program is the Summer Research Internship.

Learn About Research Internships

The undergraduate research experience is considered an effective educational tool for enhancing many aspects of the student experience.