*Thirty-fourth Annual Symposium, April 1-2, 1980
Theme: Religion and World Conflict
Committee Chair: Marvin Henberg, Philosophy

Mortimer J. Adler
Hamid Algar
Chancellor Joseph Sisco

*Thirty-fifth Annual Symposium, March 30-31, 1981
Theme: U. S. -- Soviet Relations in the '80s: Quest for Supremacy
Committee Chair: George Teresa, Bacteriology & Biochemistry

Richard H. Ullman
Alexander Cockburn
Leslie Gelb
Eugene Rostow

*Thirty-sixth Annual Symposium, March 29-30, 1982
Theme: Terrorists: Criminals or Crusaders?
Committee Chair: Roy Fluhrer, Theatre Arts

Daniel Schorr
Michael Manley (former Prime Minister of Jamaica)
Amb. Armin Meyer
Yonah Alexander (replacing Claire Sterling)

*Thirty-seventh Annual Symposium, March 28-29, 1983
Theme: Revolution and Intervention in Central America
Committee Chair: Robert J. Gregory, Psychology

Jose Napoleon Duarte, former President of El Salvador (1979-82)
Cleto Di Giovanni, Jr., former CIA official
Robert White, former Ambassador to El Salvador
Francisco Campbell, member of the Sandinista government
E. Bradford Burns, moderator

*Thirty-eighth Annual Symposium, March 26-27, 1984
Theme: La CIA: CIA Involvement in Central America
Committee Chair: William Voxman, Mathematics & Applied Statistics

William Colby (former Director, CIA) Saul Arana
David Atlee Phillips
Ralph McGehee
Jaime Barrios
Michael Harrington
Laurence R. Birns, Moderator

*Thirty-ninth Annual Symposium, March 20, 25 & 26, 1985
Theme: Southern Africa: In the Shadow of Apartheid
Committee Chair: Amos Yoder, Political Science

Pre-Symposium Seminar: Discussing policies and problems of apartheid
Leah Tutu (Director, Domestic Workers & Employers Project)
Dr. Pierre Rossouw (Dutch Reformed Church, Pretoria)
Aldon Bell (Prof. of History, WSU), moderator

Symposium Speakers:
Rev. Leon Sullivan
Jennifer Seymour Whitaker
Jean Sindab
Frank Wisner
Bernard Magubane
William D. Broderick
David Chainawa
Leslie B. Labuschagne
Paulo Figueriredo

*Fortieth Annual Symposium, March 20, 24, 25, 1986
Theme: The Search for Peace in the Middle East
Committee Chair: James Owens, Sociology

March 20 Program:
Father Elias Chacour (Melkite priest, Israel)
Amiram Efrati (United Workers Party of Israel)
Dan Simmons (Mercy Corps International) - Moderator

March 24-25 Program:
Meron Venvenisti
Hanna Siniora
Rony Milo
Ibrahim Abu-Lughod
Judith Kipper
Mohamed Kamal
Barbara Bodine
Farouk Helmy
Philip Habib - Moderator

*Forty-first Annual Symposium, March 19 -24, 1987
Theme: Moscow-to-Moscow: Channels for Peace
Committee Chair: Clifton Anderson, Agriculture

1. Series of three Teleconferences linking Moscow, Idaho with Moscow, USSR
March 22, 9 PM  |  March 23, 8 AM  | March 24, 9:30 PM

2. Discussion groups on psychological aspects of war & peace
Led by: Stephan Marks (German peace activist)
March 19, 1:30 PM and March 23, 1:30 PM

3. Symposium programs:
March 19, 7 PM, "After Reykjavik, Where Do We Stand?"
George Breslauer, Vitaliy Churkin, William Courtney
Patrick Morgan -- Moderator

March 23, 7 PM, "Understanding Social Changes in the USSR and the U. S."
Basil Dmytryshyn, Harrison Salisbury, Nina Tumarkin, Vladimir Zvyagin
Patrick Morgan -- Moderator

March 24, 7 PM, "Citizen Diplomacy: Making the Future Happen"
Cynthia Lazaroff, Douglas Mattern, Joel Schatz, Rozanne Gostovich Royer
Nancy Graham -- Moderator

*Forty-second Annual Symposium, March 28-29, 1988
Theme: After the Missiles are Gone . . .
Committee Chair: Steven Chandler, English

Amb. Kenneth Adelman
Amb. Jeno Rande
Amb. Maj-Britt Theorin
Seymour Melman
Paul Walker
Andrew Moravcsik
Robert Grathwol (WSU) - Moderator

*Forty-third Annual Symposium, March 27-28, 1989
Theme: Cocaine & Conflict: Narco-Politics in the Americas
Committee Chair: Nicholas F. Gier, Philosophy

March 27, "Drugs: The Latin American Connection"
Edgar Chamorro, Elaine Shannon, Fernando Cepeda, Mark Dion
Richard Craig -- Moderator

March 28, "Can the War on Drugs Be Won?"
Ethan Nadelman, Peter Reuter, Samuel Routson, Duncan Hunter
Bruce Bagley -- Moderator