Collage from past Borah Symposiums


For more than sixty years, the Borah Foundation has sponsored annual programs devoted to understanding the causes of war and the conditions necessary for establishing a lasting peace.  Over the years the symposium has covered a wide range of issues, and featured some notable speakers.  Speakers of note include former heads of state Gro Harlem Brundtland (Norway), Mary Robinson (Ireland), F.W. de Klerk (South Africa), and Jose Napoleon Duarte (El Salvador), winners of the Nobel Prize Betty Williams (Northern Ireland), Lech Walesa (Poland), and Jody Williams (United States), and other notables such as Hanan Ashrawi, Frank Church, Thurgood Marshall, Stephen Jay Gould, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Browsing through the archives reveals the issues that concerned the UI community, from the first annual event in 1948 to the present.