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Degree Requirements

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Idaho offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with four options: Professional, General, Pre-Medical, and Forensics.

The Professional option is an American Chemical Society accredited program and intended for those people who will pursue work directly in the field of chemistry or pursue graduate work and obtain an M.S. or Ph.D. in a chemistry related field. The required courses follow a tight prescription and are heavily oriented towards science, math, and of course, chemistry.

The General option is for people who will probably work in a job or field that is related to chemistry, such as sales or law, or perhaps in a hospital or manufacturing capacity. Chemistry will probably not be the major focus of the next position. This option allows a more diverse study plan with more courses that can be chosen by the student.

The Pre-Medical option is intended as preparation for those going on to Medical, Dental, or other Professional schools. This option allows more choices to be made so the student can prepare for the Professional entrance exams and for the curriculum one will encounter at the next level of education.

The Forensics option is intended as preparation for students who wish to enter the field of Forensic science. It is not a Forensics degree as such, but a full-fledged Chemistry degree that encompasses course work that benefits those who plan to seek employment at a crime lab and finalize their forensic training there. The Forensics option places emphasis on analytical chemistry and includes courses in Biology and Statistics.

All of these options are similar in the first three years of study, but differences are pronounced in the last year. The Professional option will find its students enrolled in specialized chemistry courses. The General option might find a student focusing on business coursework or perhaps environmental science. The specifics depend on the student. For the Pre-Medical option, the student will enroll in biology, biochemistry, or other courses that will help prepare for admission to medical or dental school.

Please note the study plans are suggestions and modifications are possible. Use them as a starting point and discuss your options with your advisor and other students. It is important to begin with a plan. Work with your advisor to ensure you're getting the most of your education.