Organic Chemistry

CHEM 275 - Carbon Compounds
Dr. Kristopher Waynant
Aspects of organic chemistry important to students in the life sciences.
CHEM 276 - Carbon Compounds Lab
Dr. Kristopher Waynant
Lab to accompany Chem 275
CHEM 277 - Organic Chemistry I
Dr. Daniel Stelck
Principles and theories of organic chemistry; properties, preparation, and reactions of organic compounds.
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CHEM 278 - Organic Chemistry I Lab
Dr. Daniel Stelck
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CHEM 372 - Organic Chemistry II
Dr. Jakob Magolan
Continuation of Chem 277.
(Spring only)
CHEM 374 - Organic Chemistry II Lab
Dr. Daniel Stelck
Lab to accompany Chem 372; includes synthesis, structure determination, and mechanisms.
(Spring only)
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CHEM 376 - Organic Chemistry II Lab
Professor Richard Williams
Lab to accompany Chem 372, includes qualitative analysis and modern instrumental techniques.
(Spring only)
CHEM 441 - Chemical Literature
Survey of important chemistry reference works and periodicals; use of these sources.
(Spring only)
CHEM 472/572 - Rational Design of Pharmaceuticals
Synthetic chemistry necessary for design and preparation of medicinal agents, and mechanistic chemistry germane to action of pharmaceuticals. Graduate students are required to write an original research proposal on a topic related to drug discovery.
CHEM 473 - Intermediate Organic Chemistry (1998)
Theories and mechanisms of organic chemistry.
(Fall only)
CHEM 491 - Undergraduate Research
Submission of a report of the research done for placement in the permanent department files is required.
CHEM 499 - Directed Study