General Chemistry

CHEM 050 - Chemistry Fundamentals
Professor Dan Edwards
Chemical problem solving, SI unit conversion, mole concept, chemical stoichiometry, solution concentration problems, periodic table, chemical formulas and nomenclature, and equation balancing.
Chem 050 is a zero credit, remedial Chemistry course which is designed to help under-prepared students succeed in Chem 111
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CHEM 101 - Introduction to Chemistry I
Professor Rick Fletcher
The intent of this course is to provide an introduction to a variety of chemical concepts and provide a broad background in various areas of chemistry.
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CHEM 111 - Principles of Chemistry I
Professor Dan Edwards/Professor Sharon Hutchison
Intensive treatment of principles and applications of chemistry.All students are required, prior to admission in Chem 111, to have Chem 050 credit or its equivalent. See Chemistry Placement page for more information.
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CHEM 112 - Principles of Chemistry II
Professor Dan Edwards/Professor Sharon Hutchison
Some work in inorganic chemistry, kinetics, equilibrium, liquids, solids, acid-base, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, thermodynamics, and qualitative inorganic analysis. Chemistry 112, a 5-credit course, is the second semester continuation of the first-year course in college chemistry. Students in Chemistry 112 must have successfully completed Chemistry 111. Chemistry 101 is not a prerequisite for Chemistry 112.
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CHEM 409 - "Proseminar"
Professor Rick Fletcher
“Proseminar” - A course of study for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in a college or university, conducted in the manner of a seminar. Historically, this course has focused mostly on grad school, jobs and preparing you to give excellent oral presentations.
(Fall only)
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