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Assessment Process

The department accreditation committee is the primary point of contact for the assessment process. The current assessment process developed by the committee and approved by the faculty is:

  1. The accreditation committee prepares an assessment plan at the beginning of each semester. In that plan the committee assigns outcomes to courses and instructors.
  2. Each instructor is then required to prepare an assessment method with respect to his/her particular assigned outcomes.
  3. Throughout the semester each instructor collects assessment data per the assessment method.
  4. At the end of the semester, each instructor submits a short assessment report to the committee.
  5. The committee reviews these reports and synthesizes common themes found in many of the reports. The committee examines the reports to see if any outcomes are not being achieved.
  6. The committee reports their general findings to the ECE faculty.
  7. The ECE Chair leads the faculty in a discussion to see what changes, if any, are needed to improve the quality of the program.