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Student Teaching Internships

Student teaching is the culminating field experience of the teacher education program. This field experience is an all day, full-semester placement in a school setting. Student teaching is an integral and transformative part of your learning experience. It gives you the incredible opportunity to gain instructional experience in a real-world classroom setting in a safe and collaborative environment where you will be working directly with experienced educators. Through your internship, you will learn about managing the daily responsibilities of a classroom setting, such as lesson planning, grading, classroom management and more.

By working with your placement coordinator and taking into account your location preference, we will make every attempt to place you in a participating school district. Once you have your student teaching assignment you will be monitored by the mentor teacher from the district as well as a supervisor through the university. Through your foundational knowledge, specific coursework and hands-on experiences prior to student teaching, you will be prepared to perform the necessary instructional and non-instructional responsibilities of a classroom setting.

The Internship Handbook is an additional resources designed to provide students, teachers, mentors and supervisors with an overview of the student teaching experience.