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Building Renovation Support

With great appreciation we thank each of our more than 650 alumni and friends who believed in our bold and brave vision to make it possible to create a building that is a source of pride for the College of Education and the University of Idaho long into the future. The generous gifts of our donors, the State of Idaho and University of Idaho helped change the face of education at the university. We acknowledge our valued supporters.

Named Spaces in the College of Education
(as of September 1, 2016)

  • Leon Green Classroom: Scott and Gabriella Green
  • Shawn and Sarah Swanby Classroom: Shawn and Sarah Swanby
  • Athletic Training Clinic and Classroom: Paul S. Giles and Philip “Flip” and Joe Ella Kleffner
  • Gritman Medical Center Mothers’ Room: Gritman Medical Center
  • First Floor Gathering Space: Kathleen Baily Irwin and Kay Irwin Rowley
  • Seating Area: Laura M. and Patrick Harbert
  • Seating Area: Marjorie H. Sherman

  • Terry Armstrong Classroom: Terry’s Students, Friends and Colleagues 
  • Kathryn Laven Knight Classroom: Kathryn and Lawrence Knight
  • Gathering space: Patricia and Keith Riffle
  • Explore Team Room: Sharon Puschman and Andy Kaus in honor of their father, Paul F. Kaus
  • Engage Team Room: Carl L. and Gloria R. Harris
  • Discover Team Room: In honor of Marilyn L. Howard from Phyllis Laird, Marilyn Howard and Friends
  • Technology Bar: Hewlett-Packard

  • Doceo Center: J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation
  • Gary E. Strong Curriculum Center: Gary E. and Carolyn J. Strong
  • Achieve Conference Room: Frances Tovey Ellsworth and Roy J. Ellsworth
  • Technology Bar: Micron Technology Foundation
  • Student Services Reception: Roy A. Bowman

  • Mert Michael Classroom: Gary G. Michael
  • Lola Clyde Classroom: Lola Clyde family
  • Rumney Classroom: D. Wade Rumney
  • Connect Distance Learning Conference Room: Cathy, Craig and Sarah Olson
  • Gathering Space: Kathy Canfield-Davis and Debbie Maxwell Long
  • Create Team Room: Kelli Fredback and Margaret Williams in honor of their mother, Carolyn McEntee
  • Reflect Team Room: Sandra Lancaster
  • Collaborate Team Room: Polly Thompson Crowley and Tom Crowley in memory of JoAnn Crites Thompson and Eugene Thompson
  • Seating Area: William and Kathryn Jordan

  • Samuelson Deans’ Suite: Lois E. Samuelson and Family and Keith and Cori Mantle Bromley 
  • Aspire Conference Room: The Four J. Foundation – Anne Moree Goss, Patricia Head and Jeanne King
  • Imagine Conference Room: Peter J. Bailey and Debra Phillips Bailey
  • Seating Area: Kathy and T.J. Scofield

Honor Roll of Support
(as of May 4, 2016)

  • J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation
  • Thomas C. Wright

  • Friends of Terry Armstrong
  • Lola Clyde Family
  • Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
  • Scott and Gabriella Green
  • Kathryn and Lawrence Knight
  • Gary G. Michael
  • D. Wade Rumney
  • Shawn and Sarah Swanby
  • University of Idaho Athletic Training Program
  • University of Idaho Office of the President

  • Peter J. Bailey and Debra Phillips Bailey
  • Kathleen Bailey Irwin and Kay Irwin Rowley
  • Roy A. Bowman, Jr.
  • Business Interiors of Idaho
  • Kathy Canfield-Davis and Dennis M. Davis
  • Patricia Marie Clyde
  • Clyde Five LLC
  • Polly Thompson Crowley and Tom Crowley
  • Frances Tovey Ellsworth and Roy J. Ellsworth
  • Kelli and Mark J. Fredback
  • Four J Foundation – Anne Moree Goss, Patricia Head, Jeanne King
  • Paul S. Giles
  • Gritman Medical Center
  • Laura M. and Patrick Harbert
  • Carl L. and Gloria R. Harris
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • William and Kathryn Jordan
  • Paul F. Kaus Family
  • Flip and Jo Ella Kleffner
  • Sandra Rutledge Lancaster
  • Debbie Maxwell Long and Steve Long
  • J. Michael Mahoney
  • Florence S. Mahoney Foundation
  • Corinne Mantle-Bromley and Keith Witter Bromley
  • Micron Technology Foundation
  • Cathy, Craig and Sarah Olson
  • Sharon K. Puschmann
  • Patricia and Keith Riffle
  • Lois E. Samuelson
  • Kathy and T.J. Scofield
  • Marjorie H. Sherman
  • Gary E. and Carolyn J. Strong
  • Margaret and Steve Williams

  • Douglas D. Baker and Dana Stover
  • Janice L. Batt
  • William H. and Vicki V. Christensen
  • M. Bill and Judith A. Drake 
  • Shelley Smith and David G. Eichmann
  • First Hawaiian Bank
  • Linda K. Fleetwood
  • Marilyn J. and Carter M. French
  • James A. Gregson and Pamela J. Bettis
  • Alma M. and David G. Hanson
  • Margaret Soulen Hinson
  • Marilyn Lenore Howard
  • Steven C. and Claudia R. Johnson
  • Molly S. King
  • Barbara J. Letchet
  • Bradley Jay and Teresa Soulen Little
  • Little Family Endowment
  • Jerry R. and Amy J. McMurtry
  • Dennis W. and Carol E. Ohrtman
  • Julius E. Peterson
  • William W. and Dawn S. Pfeiffer
  • Christina D. Randal
  • Linda Jacobsen Renn and William Renn
  • Richard L. and Patty Sorensen
  • Harry Clyde and Angela Sue Soulen
  • Rob M. and Sandra D. Spear
  • Jeanne M. Stevenson
  • Ray Gerald and Helen Marie Stevenson
  • Richard H. and Lynne N. Stinchfield
  • T. Shaun Sullivan
  • Walter A. and Jennifer M. Tribley 
  • Ed and Karen Whitehead
  • Parker G. and Myrna K. Woodall 
  • Lee B. and M. Arlene Woodbury


College of Education

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