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Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • Structured study sessions for historically difficult courses. 
  • A research-proven method to help students achieve educational goals.
  • Regularly scheduled study sessions led by a peer who has done well in the course.
  • An informal, collaborative study group where it's ok to make mistakes.
  • A way to grasp tough material and break it down into understandable segments.
  • A way to save time, money and frustration.

Available Supplemental Instruction Sessions

Each session is 50 minutes unless indicated otherwise. You do not need to attend all sessions to participate!

Course Leader Room Times
BIOL 114 (all sections)
Mary Oswald
Ashley Burke BPC 040A
T 5:00, R 6:00, F 4:30
BIOL 115
Mary Oswald
Shilah Loosle BPC 040A M 3:30, R 5:00, F 5:30
BIOL 120
Candi Heimgartner
Antrim Caskey TLC 023 M 4:30, R 6:30, F 3:30
MATH 123
Judith Terrio
Addie White TLC 023 MWF 5:30
MATH 160
Theresa Allen
Beau Melton
AGSCI 204 T 3:00, R 6:00, F 5:30
MATH 160
Judith Terrio
Anna Cutler
LLC 133
T 4:00, R 6:00, F 5:30         
MATH 170
Manuel Welhan          
Kaitlin Coad LLC 133
TR 5:00, F 4:30
MATH 170
Robert Ely
Sam Baran
TLC 222
M 4:30, W 5:30, F 3:30
PHYS 211
Leah Bergman
Rachel Mitchem     
GJ LAB 233 M 4:30, R 6:00, F 3:30          
PSYC 101
Kacy Pula
 Eve Buck JEB 221 T 4:30-6:30, R 5:00-6:30
SOC 101
Leontina Hormel 
Mihaela Karst JEB 328  T 4:30-6:00, R 5:00-6:30
STAT 251
Timothy Johnson
 Sumaya Mansour  TLC 023  T 5:00, WF 4:30

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

Phone: 208-885-1681