Current U-Idaho students in the arboretum

Current Students

By following the information provided below, you will select courses that meet the University of Idaho and College of Natural Resources core and program requirements. You will learn the importance of which classes must be completed before you can proceed to upper-division  courses.  Once you complete the primary program requirement courses for your major, you become eligible for upper-division courses and will be assigned a faculty advisor in the area of your major.  The Student Services Center advises primarily for freshman and sophomore students, and transfer students for their first semester or two (depending upon the completion of core college courses that are completed).

Students are always welcome to visit the Student Services Center office throughout the semester during office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Advising appointments cannot be made through email. To schedule an advising appointment, you will need to visit the Student Services Center and add your name to the sign-up sheet provided by your academic advisor.

Come prepared to your advising appointment:

Read the following information thoroughly and come to your advising appointment prepared. Advising is a joint effort and we are asking you to give this process some effort. We will work together to accomplish this process during your advising appointment.

  • Step 1 - Review Your Checklist
  • Step 2 - Print off a blank Registration Work Sheet

    Print off a blank Registration Work Sheet

    Use this blank Registration Work Sheet to draft your semester class schedule. If you are of sophomore class standing, you must bring this COMPLETED form with you to your advising appointment. Freshman may complete this form with an advisor’s guidance.

  • Step 3 - Freshmen Advising Tips

    You will not necessarily need all of these courses in one semester. Remember, what you create is a draft and we will review it together during your advising appointment. All incoming students in the College of Natural Resources are required to take NR 101, Exploring Natural Resources. Depending upon academic background, transfer students may not need to complete this course (contact your advisor if you have questions). Below are some course suggestions that may be included in your semester course list:

    • NR 101 (Exploring Natural Resources)
    • Required math
    • Required English
    • ISEM (Integrated Seminar)
    • Introductory major courses (1-2 credits; refer to your advising checklist for requirements)
    • Free elective course (optional).

    Refer to your Degree Audit for choices.

  • Step 4 - Sophomore Advising Notes

    Draft a schedule for your sophomore year, two semesters.

    You may need to receive a grade of C or better in indicator courses in order to register for upper-division courses in your major. Also, there may be a specific grade or GPA requirement associated with major core courses. Refer to your advising checklist and degree audit for a listing of these course requirements.

    Example indicator courses requiring a C or higher in order to register for upper division major courses and/or to graduate:

    • For 274 (Forest Measurement & Inventory)–Forest Resources and Fire Ecology & Management majors
    • For/REM 221 (Ecology)–Forest Resources, Fire Ecology & Management, Wildlife Resources, Fishery Resources, Ecology Conservation Biology majors

    Example major core courses requiring a specific GPA:

    Resource Recreation and Tourism majors must receive a minimum 2.3 GPA average in CSS 287, 304, 310, 383, 385, 386, 387, & 489.

    Most sophomore students complete For/REM 221 (Ecology) and CSS/For 235 (Society and Natural Resources) their second year.

  • Step 5 - Draft Your Class List

    Using a pencil and the tools provided (Advising Checklist, Degree Audit, Freshmen Tips, Sophomore Notes), begin drafting a list of classes on the Registration Worksheet that you printed in Step 2. We are only asking you to list the course names and numbers (i.e., Chem 101, Math 130, Engl 102, Bio 360, etc.). If your draft is not correct we will discuss potential changes during the advising appointment. You must bring this draft with you to your advising appointment.

    Review your Degree Audit from the Student Menu after Vandal web login. Degree Audit provides you with the courses needed to complete your major.

  • Step 6 - Complete Your Registration
    To select courses using the Class Schedule, choose the correct semester, then All Classes. You are now ready to look up details for each of the courses on your registration Worksheet.

    View the registration schedule for the date you can begin to register, based on your credit level, i.e., senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman.