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College of Natural Resources

Physical Address:
975 W. 6th Street
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1142
Moscow, ID 83844-1142

Phone: 208-885-8981

Fax: 208-885-5534


Web: College of Natural Resources

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Renewable Materials

Learn Your Way

  • Work in the career field of your choice while still a student through your summer internship experience.
  • Engage in cutting edge research with our innovative faculty.
  • Compete in the university's annual Business Plan Competition to win cash prizes.

Program Information

Renewable Materials Public Information Policy

Course Checksheets

Download course checksheets for the current academic year | Renewable Materials

Your Renewable Materials degree has a number of course electives that will expand your knowledge and may help you meet your goals.

Your degree may also be enhanced with a minor in Renewable Materials or in one of our other programs. Many of our classes cross over and help you build minor credits.

For detailed information, please visit the catalog description for this degree and its options.

Available Courses

ACCT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3 cr)

ACCT 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3 cr)

BIOL 102 Biology and Society (3 cr)

BLAW 265 Legal Environment of Business (3 cr)

COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2 cr)

CSS 383 Natural Resource and Ecosystem Service Economics (3 cr)

ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics (3 cr)

FOR 235 Society and Natural Resources (3 cr)

FOR 375 Introduction to Spatial Analysis for Natural Resource Management (3 cr)

NR 101 Exploring Natural Resources (1 cr)

PHYS 111 General Physics I (3 cr)

STAT 251 Statistical Methods (3 cr)

RMAT 100 Introduction to Renewable Materials (2 cr)

RMAT 321 Properties of Renewable Materials (3 cr)

RMAT J436/J536 Biocomposites (3 cr)

RMAT 438 Introduction to Lignocellulosic Chemistry (1 cr)

RMAT 444 Primary Products Manufacturing (3 cr)

RMAT 450 Biomaterials Deterioration and Protection (2 cr)

RMAT 491 Biomaterial Product and Process Development Lab (2 cr)

RMAT 495 Product Development and Brand Management (3 cr)

RMAT 498 Renewable Natural Resources Internship (cr arr)

CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry I (4 cr)

CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I (4 cr)

ENGL 313 Business Writing (3 cr)

ENGL 317 Technical Writing (3 cr)

FOR 221 Ecology (3 cr)

REM 221 Ecology (3 cr)

MATH 143 Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry (3 cr)

MATH 160 Survey of Calculus (4 cr)

ACCT J482/J582 Enterprise Accounting (3 cr)

ARCH 154 Introduction to Architectural Graphics (3 cr)

ARCH 266 Materials and Methods (3 cr)

ARCH 462 Building Technology II - Concrete (2 cr)

ARCH 463 Environmental Control Systems I (3 cr)

ARCH 464 Environmental Control Systems II (3 cr)

BAE J485/J585 Fundamentals of Bioenergy and Bioproducts (3 cr)

BAE J492/J592 Biofuels (3 cr)

BAE J494/J594 Thermochemical Technologies for Biomass Conversion (3 cr)

BUS 101 Introduction to Business Enterprises (3 cr)

BUS 301 Financial Management (3 cr)

BUS 311 Introduction to Management (3 cr)

BUS 321 Marketing (3 cr)

BUS 340 Team Building and Group Dynamics (2 cr)

BUS 341 Business Systems (4 cr)

BUS 342 Product and Process Planning (3 cr)

BUS 343 Planning and Decision Making in Organizations (2 cr)

BUS 344 Managing the Firm's Resources (3 cr)

BUS 345 Business Operating Decisions (3 cr)

BUS 350 Management Information Systems (3 cr)

BUS 351 Introduction to Electronic Commerce (3 cr)

BUS 370 Introduction to Operations Management (3 cr)

BUS 414 Entrepreneurship (3 cr)

BUS 415 New Venture Creation (3 cr)

BUS 424 Pricing Strategy and Tactics (3 cr)

BUS 456 Quality Management (3 cr)

CHEM 275 Carbon Compounds (3 cr)

CHEM 277 Organic Chemistry I (3 cr)

CHEM 278 Organic Chemistry I: Lab (1 cr)

ECON 272 Foundations of Economic Analysis (4 cr)

FOR 430 Forest Operations (3 cr)

FOR 431 Low Volume Forest Roads (2 cr)

FOR 436 Cable Systems (2 cr)

LARC 251 Introduction to Principles of Site Design (3 cr)

MSE 434 Fundamentals of Polymeric Materials (3 cr)

RMAT 365 Wood Building Technology (3 cr)

RMAT 538 Lignocellulosic Biomass Chemistry (3 cr)

STAT 301 Probability and Statistics (3 cr)

Career Guide

Here are just a few of the jobs you can get with this degree.

Product designer

This growing field allows you to dream. Use your chemistry background and forest products knowledge to create new and innovative sustainable building materials. Create, test and produce your ideas and be a part of inventing the newest building materials.

Bio-based energy provider

Energy from waste products is being studied around the world. Taking this research and applying it to energy production is the next step and you can be a part of it. This cutting edge science is a way to combine your forestry background with the curiosity and ingenuity of new technology.

Building contractor

Construction is calling for more sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. Bring your understanding of renewable materials and building products to the forefront of a changing industry to provide innovation and sound building practices.

Manufacturing operations manager

Take the science of renewable materials and put it to work producing building products in bulk. Provide the next generation of green builders with the products they need to meet the demands of a more sustainably-conscious society.

Marketing specialist for forest products

Forestry and forest products are rapidly changing and there is a great story to tell. Help promote the industry and lead the discussion of sustainable building, renewable materials and recycled building products across the industry and to the general public.

Supplier of renewable materials

Connecting the growing industry of renewable materials to the public is in the hands of people like you, business-minded professionals who want to make a difference. Knowledge of the products and how they are made is vital to transitioning the public to a new way of thinking about building materials.

Structural product designer

A full understanding of how new building materials will react when used to build is vital in educating contractors, builders and the public. As a structural designer you will not only work to develop new product but you will test that product and provide detailed information to the end users about how it performs.


College of Natural Resources

Physical Address:
975 W. 6th Street
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1142
Moscow, ID 83844-1142

Phone: 208-885-8981

Fax: 208-885-5534


Web: College of Natural Resources

google maps location