CNR Student Ambassador

Become a Student Ambassador

One of the greatest assets that the College of Natural Resources (CNR) has available in connecting with prospective UI students is our Student Ambassadors. The ambassadors, current students in the college, inform new and prospective students and their families about various facets of CNR and the University of Idaho including academic programs, student club opportunities, scholarships, and other student services. Drawing upon their individual experiences as high achieving students and the intensive training they receive, our Student Ambassadors can address a broad range of issues and provide a personal touch. Their knowledge and enthusiasm inspire students to belong to a college where unique, hands-on learning via the usage of innovative classroom settings and research facilities is a fundamental aspect of the educational experience.


  • Understand the needs of prospective students and their families and develop positive relationships while inspiring them to enroll
  • Educate other groups about the opportunities and programs at the University of Idaho and the College of Natural Resources
  • Always be sincere, positive, dependable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and motivated
  • Distinguish ourselves as leaders and professionals on campus and in the community through continuous learning, cooperative participation, and meaningful interactions


Being a Student Ambassador is an honor and distinction, as only a small number of students are selected. Student Ambassadors receive unparalleled opportunities to develop communication and leadership skills and are often the first to be called upon to represent the college when engaging with prospective students. Through a 400-level Natural Resource course, ambassadors receive academic credit and ongoing training to cultivate skills that they will utilize their entire lives. Ambassadors obtain unparalleled experiences in public relations, chances to work with and learn from CNR faculty and staff, and many opportunities to acquire effective communication skills as well as enhance their resumes and gain community outreach experience. By sharing their personal experiences and knowledge, they foster influential relationships with prospective and new students and their families.

Key Roles of the Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador team represents the College of Natural Resources by:

  • Providing information at college and high school events such as career and job fairs, orientations, symposiums, conventions, conferences, and other recruitment functions
  • Engaging high school and other student groups with hands-on activities that showcase the natural resources programs and professions
  • Conducting tours of the College of Natural Resources building and facilities
  • Presenting to high school classrooms in Idaho and throughout the Pacific Northwest
  • Facilitating with the organization and development of recruitment materials, events, and presentations
  • Participating in other speaking engagements where they represent the university, college, and its programs
  • Assisting with advising and registering incoming students
In addition, the Student Ambassador-Veterans Liaison
  • Provides information and resources to new and continuing students who are also veterans
  • Assists in the recruitment and retention of the college’s student-veteran population