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Service-Learning: Student Perspective 

Service-Learning is a teaching method and way of learning that involves hands-on experience with a real community need, learning objectives, and reflection activities. It has the power to transform the community and you, the student.  You can make a difference in people’s lives by providing them a needed service while learning and applying skills from your area of study. You can develop meaningful relationships with the community, learn about your interests and skills, network with mentors and professionals, and know that you are giving back to the world.

The Service-Learning Center serves students by:

  • Promoting on-campus service-learning opportunities 
  • Connecting students to faculty and courses utilizing service-learning 
  • Educating students about the benefits and principles of service-learning
  • Providing literature resources and website links useful for students interested in service-learning practices as well as broader community service opportunities 

Student Resources:

View the Student Guide to Service-Learning to better understand what is expected of you in a service-learning course.

Want to learn more about service-learning principles, history, or benefits? Look at these electronic literature resources here. Or, for a quick overview and introduction, look over some of the Resource Guides.

Service-Learning Opportunities 

Check out the Service-Learning Courses offered at the University of Idaho.  If you are interested in a tutoring internship, click the link at the top left of this page.

Continue your commitment to community service! Check out links to local, national and international service and volunteerism opportunities here!