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Community Partners

During the 2009-2010 academic year, nearly 160 community agencies opened their doors to give students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in the real world, develop and practice the skills of citizenship, and explore how they (as students) can be active agents in producing social change. We thank our community partners, who have demonstrated a flexible willingness to work with student volunteers in a way that allows students to both learn and serve; and our students, who have embraced the opportunity to make a difference as they learn through service-learning.   The knowledge, experience, and guidance that agencies provide to service-learning students are at the foundation of the Service-Learning Program.  

~If your non-profit organization, school, governmental agency or neighborhood group has an unfulfilled need that can be met by University of Idaho students and you are simultaneously willing to provide them a learning environment, please contact a member of the Service-Learning Center staff to discuss your idea(s).~