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Faculty Fellows Modules

Online Faculty Fellow Training

Welcome to the University of Idaho’s Service-Learning Faculty Fellow training. The course is designed to provide faculty interested in service-learning pedagogy and research a better understanding of theories and best practices commonly used in the field. The online-training consists of three units: Introduction to Service-Learning, Reflection: Theory and Application, and Building Successful Community Partnerships. Each unit is divided into six parts and takes approximately an hour to complete.


Introduction to Service-Learning:

This module is the first in our Service-Learning series, designed to give you a solid foundation in service-learning methods and best practices.  The module introduces the basics of Service-Learning in higher education for faculty interested in incorporating innovative teaching methods into the classroom.

Reflection: Theory and Application:

This is the second module in our Service-Learning series.  This module describes the theoretical basis for reflection and how it applies to service-learning in the classroom and community.

Building Successful Community Partnerships:

This module is the last in our Service-Learning series.This module describes the essential components to cultivating successful community partnerships in service-learning.