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Service-learning enhances classroom learning by adding an experiential component to academic coursework that extends learning beyond the classroom and into the community. When used successfully, service-learning gives students the opportunity to apply concepts they are learning in the classroom to real-life community needs.  Reflection activities that are integrated into the course will help students think critically about course material, community issues, and their role as citizens.

More than 75 University of Idaho faculty members use service-learning as a teaching method.  Many studies and university faculty report that service-learning promotes…

  • More lively class discussions and increased student participation
  • Greater participant retention of course material
  • Increased student and self-awareness of community and real world issues
  • More innovative approaches to classroom instruction
  • Enhanced opportunities for research and publication

The Service-Learning Center can assist faculty by:

  1. Providing educational, instructional, and professional development resources such as literature resources, journal articles, and website links. 
  2. Providing opportunities to learn about service-learning practices and how to integrate service-learning into the classroom:
    • Faculty Fellows Training: Online training process for instructors wishing to become Service-Learning Faculty Fellows
    • In-person trainings and workshops
  3. Identifying and/or making contacts to host service-learning activities in a larger community.
  4. Assisting faculty in the logistics of carrying out service-learning activities:
  5. Providing internal grants to faculty fellows teaching service-learning courses.