Undergraduate Program

Degree Options

University of Idaho's B.S. options in mathematics are designed to introduce the student to the excitement of mathematical ideas. They allow the maximum possible freedom to explore those areas of mathematics that the student finds most interesting.

There are sequences of courses in calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, number theory, abstract algebra, topology, geometry, statistics, complex analysis, combinatorics, and mathematical analysis.

Joint Degrees

Many students interested in applications of mathematics pursue a joint major in some other department, such as computer science, physics, business, or education.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Mathematics Department has several opportunities for undergraduate research, allowing for collaboration between undergraduate students and faculty.

Preparing for Graduate School

The department has a sound program in mathematics with a proven record of preparing students for successful graduate study at the very best universities in the nation.

Joining the Workforce

Students of mathematics who do not go to graduate school are well prepared for industrial, governmental, or teaching jobs if they have some additional exposure to computer science, education, or one of the natural, social, or applied sciences. 

Applied mathematics provides a broad arena for intellectual and creative impulses of people. The applied options in the mathematics B.S. degree allows a choice of the actuarial science and finance, computation, operations research, scientific modeling, mathematical biology, or statistics options.

The demand for teachers of mathematics is greater now than ever before. Nearly every school district in the nation has a shortage of teachers trained in mathematics. UI offers a broadly based program leading to teacher certification, through enrollment either in the Department of Mathematics or in the College of Education and completion of a major or minor in mathematics.

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Putnam Exam

Outstanding mathematics students are invited to participate in a fall semester Putnam Exam seminar which culminates with the late November national examination. In recent years the department team has done exceptionally well.
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