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Recent Grant Activity

Chris Remien: Clinical Translational Research Infrastructure Network IDeA-CTR sub award for Mathematical Modeling - Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury to Assess Eventual Outcome, $61,957, 2015-2016.

Alex Woo (PI): Simons Foundation - Collaborations around Schubert Geometry, $35,000, 2015-2020.

Steve Krone: NIH/COBRE - Center for Modeling Complex Interactions, $10 million, 2015-2020 (with Holly Wichman as PI, et al.).

Scott Nuismer (PI), Paul Joyce (Co-PI): NSF - A Bayesian Approach to Inferring the Strength of Coevolution, $251,000, 2015-2018.

Somantika Datta (PI): NSF CIF - Stochastic Frames in Signal Processing, $257,000, 2014-2017.

Lyudmyla Barannyk (Co-PI):  Murdock Charitable Trust - Acquisition of an Adaptive Computation Server for Support of STEM Research, $240,000, 2014-2015 (with Jim Alves-Foss as PI, et al.).

Alex Woo (PI): NSA - Combinatorics and Geometry on Generalized Flag Varieties, $39,000, 2013-2015.

David Yopp (PI): NSF - Learning Algebra and Methods for Proof (LAMP), $371,000, 2013-2016.

Lyudmyla Barannyk (Co-PI): USGS - Dynamic modeling of rule curve reservoir operations under stochastic climate conditions, $14,000, 2013-2014 (with L. Elbakidze as PI, et al.).

Lyudmyla Barannyk (Co-PI): IGEM - High Speed Digital Package Measurement and Modeling for Next Generation Memory Modules, $150,000, 2013 (with Fred Barlow as PI, et al.).

Lyudmyla Barannyk (PI): UI Research Fellowship - Micron Mechanics Modeling, $3,500, 2013.

Frank Gao (PI): Simons Foundation - Persistence of Random Processes, $35,000, 2012-2017.

Linh Nguyen (PI): NSF - Mathematics of Thermoacoustic and Photoacoustic Tomography, $104,000, 2012-2016.

Lyudmyla Barannyk (Co-PI): NSF - Acquisition of an Adaptive Computation Server for Support of STEM Research at the University of Idaho, $300,000, 2012-2015 (with Jim Alves-Foss as PI, et al.).

David Yopp (PI): Montana State University - Examining Math Coaching, $126,000, 2012-2014.

Lyudmyla Barannyk (PI): UI Research Fellowship - Micron Mechanics Modeling, $3,500, 2012.

Rob Ely (Co-PI), Jennifer Johnson-Leung (Co-PI): NSF - Making Mathematical Reasoning Explicit, $5 million, 2011-2016 (with Libby Knott as PI).

Paul Joyce (PI): NIH - Patterns of Adaptive Evolution, $1.1 million, 2011-2016 (with Holly Wichman as Co-PI and Craig Miller as Co-PI).

Jennifer Johnson-Leung (PI): NSA, Young Investigators Award - Special Values of L-functions and Motivic Elements for Abelian Surfaces with Complex Multiplication, $30,000, 2011-2013.

Rob Ely (PI): Idaho State DOE - Idaho Math Endorsement Development, $19,000, 2011.

Steve Krone (Co-PI), Paul Joyce: NSF - Collaborative Research: UBM – Institutional: UI-WSU Program in Undergraduate Mathematics and Biology, $500,000, 2010-2015 (with B. Robison as PI, et al.).

Somantika Datta (PI): Air Force Office of Scientific Research - Construction of Unimodular Sequences for Waveform-Agile Sensing, $86K, 2010-2013.

Monte Boisen (PI): DOE - Geometric Analysis for Data Reduction and Structure Discovery, $82K, 2010-2013.

Lyudmyla Barannyk (PI): Batelle Energy Alliance - Battelle CAES Modeling & Simulation, $51K, 2010-2011 (with Milos Manich).

Rob Ely (PI): Idaho State Department of Education - ISDE Mathematical Thinking for Instruction, $14K, 2010.

Hirotachi Abo (PI): NSF - Algebraic Geometry, $112,000, 2009-2013.

Paul Joyce (Co-PI): NIH - Interdiscplinary Study of Viral Host Switching, $911,000, 2009-2011 (with Marty Ytreberg as PI and Holly Wichman as Co-PI).

Steve Krone (Project Director), Paul Joyce (Research Oversight Team and Mentor): NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) - Center for Research on Evolutionary Processes, $9.7 million, 2008-2013 (with Larry Forney as PI, et al.).

Paul Joyce (Co-PI): NSF - DUE-Bridge to Graduate Study in Interdisciplinary Sciences, $597,000, 2008-2012 (with M. Dakins as PI).

Paul Joyce (PI): NIH - Patterns of Adaptive Evolution, $1.4 million, 2006-2011 (with Holly Wichman as Co-PI).

Steve Krone (PI): NIH - Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Plasmid Transfer, $1.6 million, 2005-2010 (with Eva Top as Co-PI).


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