Undergraduate Program

Degree Options:

There are six options within the Mathematics degree, each having distinct objectives: (Select a degree option to look at its required courses)

The General option

This is the traditional curriculum in Mathematics. It is more rigorous than the other options. It is especially good for secondary education majors and students intending to go to graduate school in Mathematics, engineering, or science.

The Applied-Statistics option

This option emphasizes the design and analysis of experiments. With a major or minor in another department this is an excellent preparation for work in industry or for graduate school in Statistics.

The Applied-Computation option

This option emphasizes the mathematics related to computer science and technology. It is designed to mesh well with a Computer Science major, and together with a CS major or minor it provides good preparation for work in the computer industry.

The Applied-Scientific Modeling option

This option is designed to fit well with majors in Physics or Engineering and matches particularly well with the Electrical Engineering curriculum. It is ideal as a second major for students planning to pursue graduate study in science or engineering.

The Applied-Actuarial Science and Finance option

This option emphasizes the mathematics of risk analysis. Graduates with this degree can seek employment as an actuary in the insurance industry or with a financial firm.

The Applied-Operations Research option

For this option, the emphasis is on the mathematics used in modeling and analysis of problems from business and industry.

Minor Program

You can receive a minor in mathematics along with any baccalaureate degree by completing the following program:

  • Math 170, 175 Analytic Geometry & Calculus, 8 credits.
  • Six math courses chosen from Math 275, Stat 301, and math courses numbered 303-499, 18 credits.

Special Opportunities

Putnam Exam

The department participates in the American Mathematical Association Putnam Examination, the most prestigious mathematics competition in the nation. Outstanding mathematics students are invited to participate in a fall semester seminar which culminates with the late November national examination. In recent years the department team has done exceptionally well. Its team has ranked 46th, 31st and 86th among the elite group of 400 participating universities.

  • Math professor speaking with students
  • Math class in session

B.S. Mathematics

Develop problem-solving tools and sharp analytic skills required for careers in science, economics, engineering, business and education.

M.S., M.A.T. and Ph.D. in Mathematics

Our balanced curriculum emphasizes fundamental math concepts, hands-on research and specialized math skills.

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