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Math Placement

Placement in Pre-Calculus and Calculus Courses

The Mathematics Department has a placement testing program to assist you in choosing your first mathematics course at the University of Idaho. On admission to the university, you may register for mathematics courses depending on your ACT scores, SAT scores, or transfer credits from other colleges. If you think your math placement is lower than it should be, you can take the COMPASS Math test at the Counseling and Testing Center on campus or at many universities and colleges across the U.S.
To determine the appropriate math course for you, visit our Math Placement page

Advanced Placement in the Calculus Sequence

You can receive credits from taking AP tests in high school courses. You can also receive advanced placement by taking as your first college mathematics course, one of the advanced courses in the vertical sequence 170-175-275-471-472. When you take one of the courses in this sequence as your first college mathematics course, you get credit for the course you take an all of the courses that precede that course in the sequence. To be admitted to a course beyond 170, you must present evidence of your readiness to take the course to the mathematics department and receive approval of your proposal. For a more detailed discussion of advanced placement, see regulation I-1 in the General Catalog. Learn More about Advanced Placement.

Schedule of Courses Beyond Calculus

Some of our advanced courses are offered in alternate semesters or alternate years. You can view our plan for course offerings on our 3 year class schedule.