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Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships in mathematics are available to full-time students working on the M.A.TM.S. or Ph.D. in Mathematics

The Mathematics Department is strongly committed to helping its Teaching Assistants (TA's) become exemplary teachers as well as strong mathematicians. New TA's are generally assigned to teach a recitation section of Survey of Calculus or Calculus and Analytic Geometry. TA's attend the main lectures of the course which are given by the faculty member in charge of the course. The faculty member then meets weekly with the TA's, assigns topics on which to lecture, and assists the TA's in creating weekly quizzes and homework assignments. TA's assist the instructor by holding office hours and grading homework, quizzes, and exams. TA's are also assigned hours to work as a tutor in the Calculus tutoring rooms. 

TA's in their second year are generally assigned their own section of Math 175 to teach. A mentor is assigned to help TA's create course materials and evaluate exams and lectures. TA's may go on to teach more advanced subjects based on department need and the teaching skills of the TA's.  

Teaching Assistantships come with an annual stipend of $18,345 and a waiver of out-of-state tuition; many also come with a full waiver of all tuition and fees. Teaching Assistantships are awarded for an academic year, but are automatically renewed for those who do a good job and make satisfactory progress toward their degree.

There is no definite closing date for reviewing applications, but chances of receiving a Teaching Assistantship are better if we receive your application by September 1st for the spring semester or February 1st for the fall semester.

The College of Graduate Studies also offers Research Assistantships and Fellowships, such as the IGERT Doctoral Assistantships and the Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowships . Please visit their Web site for more information on these offerings.

Mathematics TA Application

To apply, complete this form and return it to the Department of Mathematics office More