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Focus for the Future

Presentation to the Idaho State Board of Education - August 13, 2014

Communication update to the University Community - July 1, 2014

Communication update to the University Community - May 27, 2014

Communication update to the University Community - April 23, 2014

Dear University of Idaho Community,

Dean AikenAs you know, all Idaho higher education institutions including the University of Idaho are engaged in a program prioritization process at the behest of the State Board of Education/University of Idaho Board of Regents and using Robert C. Dickeson's Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services:  Reallocating Resources to Achieve Strategic Balance (2010) as a foundational document.  The University of Idaho proposed and the Regents accepted “Focus for the Future,” a process and set of criteria utilized in 2008 and vetted through the shared governance process.  

On September 16, University leadership discussed weightings for the criteria and I announced the resulting weightings on October 10 at the President’s Breakfast for Progress.  This website includes a list of the criteria, definitions of the criteria, and the weighting assigned to each criterion. 

In response to questions raised at the Breakfast, Dean Larry Stauffer chaired a hardworking task force that included Brian Mahoney, Ron Smith, Jeanne Stevenson, Kenton Bird, Cori Mantle-Bromley, Paul Joyce, and Kurt Pregitzer and created a uniform set of process forms for the University community to utilize in reporting Focus for the Future information.  These forms and instructions for the process are included on this website as are a group of Frequently Asked Questions that we will update regularly.

I will  announce the membership of the Phase II Task Force by November 4.  This group will outline the process for utilizing Focus for the Future data to inform our program prioritization process and discussion.  This information will be available December 3, 2013 and will be posted on the website as well.

The University of Idaho has created an email account for comments regarding Focus for the Future and for suggestions regarding University programs that might benefit from re-organization, consolidation, and/or re-definition.  Suggestions can be sent to this address: leadershipresponse@uidaho.edu

I appreciate all of the effort the entire University is committing to Focus for the Future.


Katherine G. Aiken
Interim Provost & Executive Vice President

The purpose of this website is to efficiently move through the Focus for the Future process. Please review the timeline, evaluation criteria, and resources contained in this website. These resources will provide a framework for evaluating your academic programs, thus allowing us to make decisions based on consistent data.