On- or Off-Campus Definitions

Off Campus:  A project is considered off-campus if two-thirds (2/3) or more of a project scope of work is performed off-campus.  Off Campus activities are defined as being conducted at locations other than University owned, leased or operated facilities and indirect costs associated with physical plant and library are not considered applicable to the project. Projects will not be subject to more than one indirect cost rate. If determined to be off campus, the off-campus rate will apply to the entire project.

Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station: The rate applied to research projects when two-thirds (2/3) or more of a project is to be performed in any of the following locations:

Aberdeen R&E Center
Caine Veterinary Teaching Center (Caldwell)
Kimberly R&E Center
Sandpoint R&E Center
Southwest Idaho R&E Center (Caldwell)
Southwest Idaho R&E Center (Parma)
Tetonia R&E Center (Newdale)
Twin Falls R&E Center
U.S. Sheep Experiment Station (Dubois)
Taylor Ranch Field Station
McCall Field Campus