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Student Educational Activity Agreements

The University of Idaho actively pursues opportunities for students to gain educational experience outside of the traditional classroom and/or with industry partners. To minimize risk for sponsors, students and the university, Student Educational Activity Agreements are required for all such activities involving UI students.

Please choose the agreement that is appropriate for your project or activity below. Completed agreements should be returned to Sponsors with policy-related special circumstances that do not allow acceptance of all agreement terms may contact Kay Dee Holmes at or (208) 885-2014.


  • Student Educational Activity Agreement (SEA) Short Form
  • Download Short Form Agreement 
    • Project-based agreement with sponsor to support student activity
    • Sponsor does not require transfer of intellectual property from the University or students or require maintenance of confidentiality for information provided to students.
    • Focused on activity sponsored by municipalities, counties, and non-profit organizations
    • Two (2) percent minimum direct charge of principal investigator salary (APM 45.22) does not apply.
    • Facilities and Administration (F&A) rate set at five (5) percent
    • Administered by OSP
  • Student Educational Activity Agreement (SEA) Long Form
  • Download Long Form Agreement
    Student Activity Participation Agreement 
    • Project-based agreement with sponsor to support student educational activity to use when sponsor (or project) requires: transfer of intellectual property to sponsor; confidentiality for information provided by sponsor; export control or other compliance (IRB, IACUC, IBC).
    • Limited to for-credit, course-based, undergraduate student educational activities
      • Not appropriate for activities involving graduate students or for activities in which faculty members contribute to the activities other than through supervision of the students involved 
    • University and students engaged in the activities may receive information that must be not be disclosed to third parties
      • Information must be identified by the providing  party as confidential at the time of disclosure (or within 30 days for oral disclosures)
    • University reserves the right to publish the results of the activity, excluding confidential information
      • Confidentiality and publication limitations do not apply to sharing in the class-room context of results, presentations, reports, etc. required by the course in which the student is enrolled
      • Students should not share confidential information except with students enrolled in the course or supervising faculty 
    • Students must sign the Student Activity Participation Agreement in order to participate in a course project covered by a Student Educational Activity Agreement
      • Requires students not to disclose confidential information for a limited period
      • Requires students to disclose and assign to University any intellectual property created by student during the sponsored activity
      • Assignment of intellectual property does not limit ability of University or student to use such intellectual property for research or educational purposes, even when intellectual property right have been assigned to the sponsor.  
    • Two (2) percent minimum direct charge of principal investigator salary (APM 45.22) does not apply.
    • Facilities and Administration (F&A) rate set at five (5) percent
    • Administered by OSP
  • Master Student Educational Activity Agreement (MSEA)
  • Download Master Agreement
    Master Agreement Task Order Form
    Student Activity Participation Agreement
    • Master agreement with sponsor to support student educational activity over multiple years, courses, and projects.
    • Requirements identified for Student Educational Activity Agreements, above, apply
    • University and sponsor identify through Task Orders, the courses and projects that will fall under the MSEA.
    • Course instructors need to provide information necessary to complete and execute Task Order
    • Administered by OSP

  • Service Learning Agreement
  • Download Agreement - Coming Soon
    • For-credit student activity
    • No funds provided to University to sponsor activity
      • Reimbursement directly to participants is not considered funding provided to University (ex. gas cards provided to students)