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  • Do I need special access to be able to log in to EIPRS?

    No.  If you have a University of Idaho username and password, you already have access to log into EIPRS.

  • What do I enter for the username and password?

    Use the same username and password that you use to log in to VandalWeb to report your timecard.  Typically your username is the first part of your University email address.  Note that, like VandalWeb, if you attempt to log in more than five times using an incorrect username and password combination you will be locked out.  Contact the ITS Help Desk to reset your password.

  • Can I fill out the EIPRS forms if I am not the PI?

    Yes.  If you are listed as a PI, Co-PI or Editor on the proposal you can fill out the forms and attach proposal documents to EIPRS for the PI.  Please do not list any of the PIs as editors or they may not be able to sign the proposal when it is ready for approvals.

  • When can my Co-PIs, Editors and OSP personnel view the proposal?

    Co-PIs, Editors and OSP personnel are able to view your proposal in EIPRS as soon as the person building the proposal hits SAVE. Please note if you are not a PI/Co-PI and need to be able to view the proposal later, please be sure to set yourself as an editor.  You do not have to submit the proposal for your Co-PIs or Editors to view and edit the proposal.

  • What gets entered into the Percent Effort field? Is this a labor division or a percentage of my University appointment?
    The percent effort field should accurately reflect the percent of your entire University appointment that you expect to devote to this specific project over the life of the project. 
  • I have a Co-PI at another institution. How do I enter them onto EIPRS without a V-number?

    Because EIPRS is an internal routing system, collaborators at other institutions do not need to be listed as Co-PIs in EIPRS.  If you plan to issue a subcontract to another institution, there are fields in the EIPRS Subcontract tab to enter that information.

  • I am submitting a proposal to NSF, NIH or other agency that requires submission of Financial Disclosure forms. What is the process for submitting those forms?
    The Financial Disclosure forms are now submitted on the electronic OSP Project Portal system.  Your SPA will leave a comment on the ESF form regarding the financial disclosure process, and will send you an email with instructions for accessing the OSP Project Portal to submit the disclosure(s).
  • Do uploaded documents have to be in .pdf format?

    No.  Any document type can be uploaded to EIPRS.  If you have trouble with document compatibility please contact OSP right away.

  • I have personnel in my department who have to review budgets before they are submitted to OSP. How should we handle that with this system?
    If you have personnel in your college or department who review budgets and proposal content before they are submitted to OSP, you must add them in the Editors section of EIPRS so that they can view the proposal documents.  Although OSP will be able to see your proposal, depending on college guidelines, we may not begin reviewing the proposal unless and until your departmental grant personnel have left comments in EIPRS that the proposal content has been reviewed and approved.
  • Does completing the proposal in EIPRS take the place of filling out my FastLane or Grants.gov forms?
    No, EIPRS is only for internal routing and approvals and does not submit the proposal to the external sponsor. However, a PDF file of the entire Grants.gov or FastLane proposal (rather than individual documents) may be uploaded to the Attachments tab of EIPRS.  Your Sponsored Programs Administrator (SPA) will upload the final version of the proposal file to EIPRS once it has been electronically submitted. If you are submitting a proposal to a Federal agency that uses Grants.gov or NSF Fastlane, you can build your proposal in Cayuse424.

    Remember, unless your sponsor uses a system that requires electronic signature by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), the PI is responsible for submitting the proposal to the agency via hardcopy, email, or electronic system after the OSP director has signed off on it.

  • What is the difference between EIPRS and Cayuse424?
    Cayuse424 is a system-to-system product that the University has purchased to help PIs build and submit proposals to Grants.gov. EIPRS is an internal proposal routing system designed to facilitate the review and approval of your proposal by your department, college and the university prior to submission.
  • I can't see the proposal now that I have filled out all the forms. What happened?
    The most likely cause is that you did not add yourself as a PI, Co-PI or Editor.  Even if you have used your login to create the proposal documents, you will not have access to the proposal if you are not listed in one of those three roles.  If you listed yourself, but still cannot see the proposal please contact OSP to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Why am I being asked to place comments on the Comments tab rather than communicating via email?
    EIPRS builds an entire record of the proposal from inception to submission that is accessible to all parties involved with the proposal, including the PI, Co-PIs, editors, department chairs, deans, directors, etc.  This comment record, combined with the electronic signature log, brings transparency to the entire proposal submission process for all parties.
  • My Department Chair is going to be unavailable. How will they be able to review and sign off on my proposal?

    Department Chairs, Deans and Institute Directors have the option to set a proxy to approve proposals in the event of their absence.  If an emergency arises and the Department Chair, Institute Director or Dean forgets to set a proxy, OSP has the ability to set a temporary proxy. 

    If a Department Chair, Institute Director or Dean is going to be away, but still wishes to review and approve proposals, they may choose to do so.  All that is needed is an internet connection to sign in and review proposals.
  • How will I know when OSP has signed off on the proposal?
    When the proposal has been signed by all appropriate parties and OSP, an email is sent to the PI, Co-PIs, SPA, and editors.  The email will indicate either that that the PI may now submit the proposal, if it is being submitted directly to the agency by the PI on the agency submission site, via email, or in hardcopy format.  Or, if the proposal needs to be submitted through an electronic portal that requires an Authorized Organizational Representative login (ex Grants.gov, FastLane, FedConnect), that OSP (your SPA) will submit the proposal.
  • If my proposal is funded will I be able to look at my award documents within EIPRS?

    Not at this time, but we are working on this functionality.

  • Who should I contact if I need assistance using EIPRS?
    General questions on the system can directed to your Sponsored Programs Administrator.  Information is also available on the OSP website training page at www.uidaho.edu/osp/training.
  • If I find a problem with the system, who should I contact?

    We are actively soliciting feedback for how we can make this as useful as possible for faculty and staff and will continue to work to make improvements per faculty and staff suggestions.  If you find a bug in the system, or if you have an idea for how to make it better or more user-friendly, click on the Help button located at the top of each screen to submit your feedback.  You may also submit your comments via the survey link provided with each proposal submission approval email.