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Completing Proposal

  • How soon before the submission deadline does OSP need to see my proposal?
    OSP encourages PIs to begin submission of draft proposal materials one to two weeks prior to the submission deadline, and to complete the final submission four business days prior to the proposal deadline.  By uploading draft proposal materials to the EIPRS system, access is provided to departmental grant administrators, your OSP sponsored programs administrator and others, to ensure that any potential issues can be addressed in a timely manner.

    Additionally, if your project involves multiple PIs and/or departments and colleges, you will need to allow sufficient time for the electronic external support form (ESF) to route for approvals.  This process may take a few days if signers are busy or unavailable.
  • When may I submit my proposal to the agency?

    You will receive an email notification from OSP saying your proposal has been approved.  Once that email has been received you may submit your proposal materials to the sponsor.  Please note that OSP will only complete the submission for you when the proposal is being submitted electronically through NSF, NIH, USDA, Grants.gov, NASA, Research.gov, FedConnect, or such other electronic systems as may require OSP sign-off.

  • What if I can't make the 4-business day deadline?
    At minimum OSP asks that you submit your final proposal materials for review and approval four days prior to the sponsoring agency deadline.  While OSP makes every effort to process all proposals received, if adequate time for review is not allowed then the proposal runs the risk of not being able to be submitted, particularly if there are missing documents such as letters of support from subcontractors.  We recommend uploading your draft proposal in the UI proposal routing system EIPRS as early as is feasible so that your Sponsored Programs Administrator can begin an early review and offer guidance on potential issues.
  • Why does OSP need to see my full proposal? Don't they just review the budget?

    While it is true that OSP reviews your proposal budget and can help you to resolve budget issues, there are multiple facets to proposal review.  During the review process your SPA will also check for items such as compliance with the sponsor's proposal guidelines; issues such as animal care and use or human subjects protocols and export controls; unauthorized or unnecessary cost share being offered; anticipated program income; letter of support requirements from subcontractors or for third-party match; and any restrictions in the RFP that the University may not be able to agree to if the proposal is awarded.

  • Does OSP need to see my pre-proposal or letter of intent (LOI)?
    https://www.sites.uidaho.edu/osp/Yes, when you submit a pre-proposal or an LOI it must first be submitted to OSP for review and approval because your submission has the potential to commit the University to the work that you will be doing if subsequently asked to submit a full proposal.  Setting up your pre-proposal or LOI in EIPRS will help to expedite the process of setting up a budget at the time of the full proposal.
  • How do I determine whether an agency requires a Financial Disclosure form?
    All National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) awards and subawards currently require a Financial Disclosure Form to be on file.  In EIPRS, the UI proposal-routing system, these forms are viewable only by the person associated with each form.  The forms are reviewed by the Office of Technology Transfer and if necessary a plan is put in place to manage conflicts of interest.
  • What am I certifying to when I submit the proposal for approvals routing?

    If the proposal submitted herewith is funded and accepted by the University, you will conduct the project in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sponsoring agency and the policies of the University.  You will be fully responsible for meeting the requirements of the award, including managing restrictions on facilities or personnel due to export controls, providing proper management of funds, submitting all required technical reports and deliverables on a timely basis, and properly disclosing all inventions to the University's Technology Transfer Office, in accordance with Federal or contractual terms and University policy.  Neither you, nor anyone involved in the project is presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from covered  transactions by any federal department or agency.  You are certifying that the application is true, complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge and that any false fictitious or fraudulent statements may be subject to criminal, civil or administrative penalties.  You agree to assume responsibility for the scientific conduct and custody of records and data in accordance with University policy on retention of data, and to provide University access to such records and data.

  • I submitted my proposal file through EIPRS. Who uploads the information to the sponsoring agency system?
    The principal investigator is responsible for uploading proposal materials to NSF Fastlane and to NASA (NSPIRES).  The PI is also responsible for filling out and uploading any attachments to Grants.gov files (including in Cayuse424).  Once the files are uploaded into their respective locations, and to EIPRS, and internal approvals have been completed, you will work with your SPA (also a system administrator) for final submission to the sponsoring agency.  Remember, OSP does not submit hard copies or to other electronic systems.
  • Are there additional resources for grants.gov proposal submissions?
    The Cayuse424 system allows you to download and develop online most grants.gov proposal opportunities.  This system-to-system submission portal greatly reduces the chance of your grants.gov proposal bouncing back due to missing information, forms, or fields.  Cayuse424 allows for the development of reusable professional profiles tailored to specific agencies and has detailed budget forms for you to use in creating your proposal.
  • How do I go about submitting my proposal?
    All proposals must be reviewed and approved at a minimum by your department chair, college dean and the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to your submission of the required forms to the agency.  The University's electronic routing system for approvals is called EIPRS and allows you to provide all of the documentation necessary for review by the appropriate personnel.  Note that it is the PI's responsibility, once final approval notification has been received, to submit to the agency both hardcopy submissions and electronic submissions that do not require system approval by OSP.
  • What happens if I need to go out of town immediately after I submit the proposal for internal approvals?
    OSP must be able to reach you until the proposal review is complete and fully approved in case there are changes that need to be made.  Please provide contact information in the comments section of your EIPRS proposal and check periodically to ensure that there are no issues needing resolution.
  • My proposal has already been awarded. Do I still need to submit it to OSP for review?
    Yes.  OSP understands that in some cases a sponsoring agency does not require a formal proposal prior to issuing an award.  However, a completed scope of work and budget, as well as a copy of the award, must still be provided via the EIPRS system and all approvals received prior to the award being accepted.